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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry break with the royal house like this

Just a few weeks after his official departure from the cbritish royal handle, the prince harry and meghan markle seem willing to continue with their independence and his latest move, this time away from interviews or statements against the UK monarchy, is the best example: the couple has replaced the monogram of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for that of their founding Archewell.

The news has come to light after unveiling the letter issued by the former actress to the London Robert Clark School in Dagenham on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Despite the fact that in the final signature Meghan Markle continues to use the seal of Duchess of Sussex, the marriage has decided to change the so far Logo representing them – a monogram showing their initials, M and H, intertwined – by a new one in which the letters A and W appear in honor of the Archewell Foundation.

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A gesture that has not been overlooked in the United Kingdom, nor among any citizen who has closely followed the current plot between both parties, and that only shows a distancing that after the broadcast of the interview with Oprah Winfrey and subsequent reactions on the part of Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, or her brother, the Duke of Cambridge, seemed clear enough.

members of the royal family attend events to mark the centenary of the raf

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In just two weeks, the period of twelve months of trial granted by Queen Elizabeth II in Sandringham in 2020 will come to an end and as revealed from the Buckingham Palace just a month ago, the still Duke and Duchess of Sussex will finally have to give up all their official royal ties, Harry’s military titles and the royal patronages they held until now.

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