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Meghan Markle and the details of her look in the interview with Oprah Winfrey

Next Sunday, March 7 another historical milestone will be experienced in the world of royalty, then Meghan Markle and prince harry will be interviewed on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show. Maximum expectation before this moment, of which the first images have been attached. In it, we can discover one of the unknowns that has generated the most debate: How would the Duchess of Cambridge dress for this television appearance that promises to be memorable? For the occasion, the future mom of two -is pregnant with her second child– He has wanted define your maternity silhouette with a look that highlights a premiere dress accompanied by significant jewels. In fact, once again, it makes a nod to the unforgettable Diana of Wales.


Meghan Markle debuts a minidress that costs less than 25 euros!

Her third premiere maternity look

In his television intervention with Oprah Winfrey along with prince harryMeghan Markle has decided not to recycle, as she did when she announced that she was expecting her second child. Thus, it is the Third maternity look released in this new pregnancy after her 25 euro minidress and her fruit print design. Specifically, she opts for a black and white dress with floral details, which in its style is reminiscent of her choice when she attended the Royal Variety Performance in 2018. However, on that occasion, she wore a two-piece with a custom corset and, now, opt for a single bet, a model in georgette silk with neckline in V, long midi and belt to the tone under the chest, what boosts her already evident pregnant belly.


A dress valued at 3,900 euros and that is sold out

It’s about a dress by the Italian firm Giorgio Armani valued at 3,900 euros and who currently has hanging the ‘sold out’ sign on the sales website on-line of this Italian stamp. To complement it, Meghan Markle seeks coordination by opting for pumps in black suede. Precisely, they are the model Simply Irresistible from Aquazzurra (565 euros), which it takes for the third time after its premiere on September 4, 2018.


The premiere of Meghan Markle: a printed dress by Victoria Beckham

The Diana of Wales bracelet

There are several jewels that accompany the look of Meghan Markle in her interview with Oprah Winfrey. Among them, stands out a diamond bracelet that she had previously worn (it was her choice to enhance her Victoria Beckham print dress) and also was part of the jeweler of Diana of Wales (We saw him, for example, on June 2, 1997 along with his most iconic sky blue rhinestone design). Also, she wears her bracelet Sees it de Cartier (5,200 euros), which premiered on March 4, 2017 and has shown in many events; her earrings Bee Chic with blue topaz from Birks and its pendant in yellow gold and three aquamarines, by Pippa Smalls (1,600 euros).

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Hear Meghan and Harry announce their first podcast show with their guest … Archie!

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