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Meghan Markle, between the enemy fire of two families | People

Meghan Markle never felt comfortable among the British royal family. She barely spent a year and a half as a member of it and, although her acting skills tried to demonstrate her adaptation, the announcement of her departure — and that of her husband, Enrique from England — in January 2020 was the definitive confirmation that her path he was far from her. However, it does not seem that his birth family has decided to build bridges on his return to his native United States. The attacks on Markle already materialized before their wedding, and now they come twice. If a few weeks ago it was known that her sister would release a memoir about her, now it is her father who threatens to prepare a documentary about her.

Thomas Markle himself has confirmed to the British newspaper The Sun that the project is already underway and that with it he intends to show a “more complete” image of his family, more than the one he gave last year with his participation in a documentary on the British channel Channel 5. “It will begin with my life, my family, my love for theater and television and how I got here. Then my life with Meghan, how she grew up, her school days until she went to college and the start of her career, ”says 76-year-old Markle. “We had a good life together, in his first marriage and when he moved to Canada. Then a new story began. It was like: but what happened to my little girl? For all this, he will use never-before-seen homemade images, his and his daughter’s. “My documentary will have new videos and my favorite photos of my little girl, and we will try to understand what went wrong. I think we will do a good job, ”he says.

Today the Duchess of Sussex lived with her father between the ages of 11 and 18 and they maintained a close and close relationship, which broke down in 2018 when, before her wedding to Prince Henry, Thomas agreed to sell some photographs to the website of TMZ gossip. In addition, he could not go to it due to an urgent heart operation, but he did not stop publishing private information about his daughter, something that made Meghan Markle separate him from her life. He complains that he has not met his grandson, Archie, and that he learned from the press that his daughter was pregnant, but does not mention that Meghan was forced to walk alone to the altar of the Windsor Palace chapel. , where it was the groom’s father who lent him his arm to travel the final stretch.

Thomas Markle with newborn Meghan Markle in his arms.
Thomas Markle with newborn Meghan Markle in his arms.INSTAGRAM

The bad relationship of the Duchess also extends to her brothers on the part of her father, Thomas Jr. and especially Samantha, 53, the result of her first marriage. She is the one who has published the first of the two volumes of memoirs against Meghan, which will be released on February 1. The release of the 330-page book on the market did not please the Duchess one iota; in fact, according to what his circle has told the Daily Mail It has made her feel “sick to the point of nausea”, but apparently she will not speak publicly on this matter.

From her own family, Markle only maintains a fluid and cordial relationship with her mother, Doria Ragland, the only one also present at her wedding. With her new life in London and her entry into a new family, the Duchess could have made a new family nucleus, but her adaptation was not good. No one will ever really know how Markle’s arrival in the British royal family was, but the course of history has shown that it was not satisfactory, since it did not come to fruition.

Just as it happened to Diana of Wales, to Sarah Ferguson (who went so far as to say: “They are doing to Meghan Markle what they did to me”) or even for a time to Kate Middleton, Markle was involved in a complicated dynamic , with a great differentiation between what is public and what is private, with a very high demand and an everlasting surveillance by the media and with little support within the family. Not even the most logical relationship, the one he should have had with his brothers-in-law, ended up flourishing. The breakup reached such a point that she and her husband decided to put land in the middle. The palace gossips say that the relationship between Enrique and Guillermo has improved, and that the youngest of the children of the heir to the throne has been invited to the next birthday of Elizabeth II, in June. There may be Enrique and Meghan, with the best of their smiles, but as mere extras in no man’s land.

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