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Meghan Markle dedicates a handwritten message to Philip of Edinburgh

If there has been a notable absence among the 30 attendees who have been able to fire the Duke of Edinburgh, that is Meghan Markle. Prince Harry’s wife has stayed in Los Angeles, where they have both resided with their son Archie for more than a year, as doctors advised against the trip due to her advanced pregnancy. Nevertheless, wanted to pay his particular tribute to Prince Felipe with a message in his own handwriting accompanying the wreath with which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have paid tribute to Elizabeth II’s husband.

This has been the religious ceremony to dismiss the Duke of Edinburgh


The crown, which they have deposited this Saturday in the Windsor Chapel, is made up of a set of local flowers, in addition to the acanthus, symbol of Greece, the country that gave birth to Philip of Edinburgh; eryngium, the flower of the royal marines; campanula, which represents gratitude and eternal love; rosemary, which means memory; lavender, as a sign of devotion, and roses, in honor of June, the birthday of the prince consort. For their design they turned to their reference florist, Willow Crossley, who already handled the flower arrangements for her wedding reception at Frogmore Cottage in May 2018, as well as her son Archie’s christening a year later.

The Duchess of Sussex wanted to make up for her absence in the last goodbye to the Duke, with a personal message next to the flower crown to honor her husband’s grandfather. Furthermore, as confirmed by HELLO! has been watching the funeral on television from his home in Santa Barbara (California), where little Archie is also located. For his part, Prince Harry, returned to the United Kingdom and after keeping the corresponding quarantine, the expected reunion with his family and with his brother the Duke of Cambridge took place, after a few months in which their relationship was not going through its best moment .

The Queen’s loneliness when she fired the man in her life


Although the brothers did not walk together, as might be expected by protocol, but their cousin Peter Phillips went among them, at the exit of the Chapel of St. George, after the religious ceremony, we could see how they began to chat in a relaxed way with the Duchess of Cambridge before walking away in a group that also included the daughters of Prince Andrés, Beatriz and Eugenia, along with their respective husbands. Kate Middleton walked ahead of the siblings and kept walking while chatting with Sophie from Wessex. Behind them, Guillermo and Harry continued chatting and closing the group.

It is the first time they have met in more than a year. Meanwhile, the controversial interview of the Dukes of Sussex with Oprah Winfrey has not helped to build bridges after their estrangement after the couple’s decision to abandon their royal obligations. In his conversation with the American presenter, Prince Harry assured that he was “trapped” and alluded to how he saw his father and brother “She (Meghan Markle) made me see the reality of what I was living, imprisoned in the royal family system. My father and my brother are still trapped and they will not be able to leave”. His wife also recounted some unpleasant situations that she had experienced in the Palace and suggested that the treatment of the Duchess of Cambridge was not the same as she received in the face of attacks from the press.

Harry, Meghan and Archie: Now there are three of us

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