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Meghan Markle fires one of Archie’s babysitters after mysterious late-night incident

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The life of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has changed dramatically since they moved away from the constriction of the British Crown. Now they are the ones who decide when they want to appear on camera and shake the world with each of their statements.

With a much more relaxed routine in a select California urbanization, they have made their privacy their great treasure, although they do not always manage to keep what happens inside their mansion a secret. And one of the last episodes that have transpired has been related to the service that is responsible for the care of Archie (2). As reported by the newspaper The Sun, Meghan Markle (39 years old) has fired one of the employees in charge of the night care of the first-born of the dukes.

The Duchess and her son in the city of Wokingham.

The Duchess and her son in the city of Wokingham.


The tabloid collect the words of Omid Scobie, friend of the Duchess, who details the reason for hiring this worker: “After the arrival of Archie, Harry and Meghan they wanted some help to establish a sleep pattern. They hired a nighttime babysitter. “

The relative of the prince’s wife Harry (36) alludes to legal reasons for not providing much more details about the immediate termination of the contractual relationship with the aforementioned worker: “It was an incident on one of the first nights that led the couple to postpone the decision to have an overnight babysitter. “.

Since leaving the UK, the dukes have resided in several homes, each one more exclusive. The first one was on Vancouver Island, Canada, where they were seen taking long walks. Soon, they got tired of fate and headed for The Angels, where they settled in a home belonging to actor Tyler Perry (51). Classic in style, the dwelling houses 12 bathrooms and eight bedrooms. But this was not his final destination, which seems to have been found in the exclusive location of Montecito, also in California, where the Duchess is from. Home It is their first home that they own and the couple paid for it almost 15 million dollars.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their eldest son, during a ceremony in Cape Town.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their eldest son, during a ceremony in Cape Town.


Settled in their residence which for the moment is the definitive one, the couple awaits the arrival of their second daughter, whose sex they revealed in the media interview they gave to Oprah Winfrey (67). Archie’s sister will foreseeably arrive in the world next June and this delivery will occur after Prince Harry’s wife suffered a miscarriage last summer.

[Más información: Oprah Winfrey, la vecina más especial de Meghan y Harry: su impresionante mansión de 80 millones]

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