Meghan Markle ‘Furious’ Because Prince Harry Is Less Important Than Prince William

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William

The Duchess of Sussex had a difficult time understanding the unorthodox rules of succession to the crown.

Meghan Markle seemed to be having a hard time digesting the fact that her husband, Prince Harry, was of lesser importance than Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three children.

A royal insider told The Sun the details, saying that despite Harry’s nonchalance, the Duchess of Sussex was not very happy with her husband’s position in the succession.

“The only modern prince who really doesn’t care where he is on the succession list is probably Harry,” said the expert.

“But his wife Meghan couldn’t understand why, when she married the second son of the future king, they were so much less important than William and Kate and their children.”

According to the British line of succession, Prince Charles, 72, is currently the first in a line of succession to the throne, as he is the queen’s eldest son.

The 38-year-old Prince William is still in second place as he is the first-born of the Prince of Wales.

After William, follow the three children of the Duke, Prince George, seven years old, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

It is after William’s children that Prince Harry ranks sixth, but even that is uncertain in the event that Kate and Will decide to have another child.

Following the Duke of Sussex, he and Meghan’s 21-month-old son Archie is seventh in line to the throne.


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