Meghan Markle got untied at a Taylor Swift concert: this has not yet been seen

Meghan Markle was spotted at a Taylor Swift concert. The duchess was really wild.

During this period, there are numerous rumors about the former actress, who became known primarily due to her participation in the TV series Suits. And then for her marriage to Prince Harry (with whom she left the royal family to move to the States and lead a free and independent life).

While the two seem increasingly happy and united, things don’t seem to go quite as planned now. According to some sources, the couple would actually decide break off your professional association and continue your career on your own. It seems that Markle has also signed a contract with a well-known Hollywood agent, with whom she will have a number of projects in the future.

Harry, on the other hand, is increasingly busy with his philanthropic work, especially since the release of his memoir book. Spare, quickly become a global bestseller. The Duke of Sussex has not yet fully reconciled with his family, even if he was still present at the coronation of King Charles III, which took place on May 6 last year and attracted the attention of millions of subjects around the world.

Their two lives, which connected at once, but very soon became the subject of gossip. There’s been a lot of talk about it lately alleged marital crisis between twoalthough there has been no confirmation from those directly involved.

Meanwhile, the gossip continues to go crazy, primarily because Harry and Meghan are spending their summer holidays alone. She was also spotted at a Taylor Swift concert.

Harry and Meghan, summer apart: is there any distance between them?

Rumors about the alleged separation between them still have a basis, and there are more and more clues. For example, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to spend their summer holidays separately..

Harry and Meghan, is there really a crisis between them? What happened (photo: Ansa)

In fact, he flew to Japan with Ignacio Figueres., polo player and teammate. Instead, she took the opportunity to go wild at a Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles in the company of her best friend Lucy Fraser. The Duchess of Sussex was spotted at SoFi Stadium, where the broadcast was taking place, as she sang and danced to the music. you Belong With Me. The former actress, who turned 42 a few days ago, she really looked like a little girl.

A few days ago, it was also reported that the famous American pop star even refused to participate in Meghan Markle’s podcast. On the part of the duchess, however, it would seem that there were not so many grievances to resolve to get to the long-awaited concert of the musical star. Meanwhile, Harry is having fun in Japan with his friend, who also posted on social media immortalizing himself in the company of the second son of the King of England. “Shopping for our wives“, Nacho actually wrote, “Many thanks to Tokyo for generous hospitality and kindness towards us.”

Harry actually traveled across Japanese soil for attend a summit organized by the International Society for the Promotion of Sports and on August 12, he will take advantage of this event to play polo with his friend.

Who is Ignacio Figueres, one of Prince Harry’s closest friends

The Duke of Sussex then flew to Tokyo with one of his closest friends, Ignacio, who was nicknamed “David Beckham in polo“. In fact, he has been a professional player since the age of 17.and also achieved popularity through its activities in the fashion world.

Harry with his friend Ignacio, their connection (photo: Instagram @nachofigueras)

Originally from Buenos Aires, he became interested in sports when he was 9 years old after his father encouraged him. After many years of career, he became the captain of BlackWatch, of which he is a co-owner. He also has a net worth of $30 million and, in addition to being an athlete, he has also been one of the Ralph Lauren models since 2000.

Ignacio is also very close to Prince Harry, whom he befriended in 2017 through the passion they both have for polo. He is a big fan of the couple made by Harry and Meghan.and his face has also appeared in Netflix docu-series in which he said he was the first person the prince told he had found the right woman for him.

You could see in his eyes how much he was in love“, he really said. That’s why Nacho and Harry are inseparable. And every year they play at some charity events organized by Sentebale, an association co-founded by the prince and which supports HIV-positive children and adolescents in southern Africa.

Harry and Meghan broke up? The truth about the couple’s alleged crisis

They talk a lot about the Dukes of Sussex, but it was they who indirectly denied all these rumors about their supposed crisis. The truth is that these two are increasingly in love and they can’t help but look happy and always hand in hand.

Are Harry and Meghan really getting a divorce? The whole truth (photo: Ansa)

Although they have ended their professional collaboration, their love continues to flourish, and they proved it during their last public appearance. Indeed, it’s been a long time since the two dukes have appeared together, but now it’s on the occasion of a video clip made to promote their association’s new Archiewell project. whose name was inspired by their first son Archie.

Despite the physical distance that separates them, they are growing closer, even now that the royal family has decided to strip the couple of their royal titles once and for all. On the royal family’s official website, the title “His Royal Highness“. The gesture, which appeared three years after the famous Megxit 2020, when Harry and Meghan decided to distance themselves from the Royal Palace and fly to the States. At the time, it was effectively specified that both could no longer use their royal titles, but the Buckingham Palace website was not updated and until 8 August Harry was still associated with the title of HRH (“His Royal Highness”).His Royal Highness“).

Instead, the Duke is now referred to as the Duke of Sussex. which he received from his grandmother Elizabeth II when he said a fateful yes to Meghan in 2018. However, the site hasn’t finished updating yet as King Charles is still called “Prince of Wales“and Queen Camilla”Duchess of Cornwall“. However, it has been pointed out that the portal modification phase began after the death of Queen Elizabeth II and has not yet been completed.

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