Meghan Markle is ‘restless’ at Taylor Swift concert while Harry is in Japan

This Meghan Markle euphoric and unstoppable as described Page six and from People at a Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles with her best friend Lucy Fraser. While Harry is in Japan with Ignacio Figueres, polo player and teammate, Meghan takes advantage of her husband’s absence to get to SoFi Stadium and jump to the tune you Belong With Me as if she were a little girl, joyful and encouraged. Although a few weeks earlier there was talk of the pop star’s categorical refusal to appear on his podcast, Meghan Markle doesn’t seem to hold any grudges and is ready to party despite rumors that she’s going to have a crisis with Harry.

In fact, beyond the geographical distance that now separates them, the Sussexes could not have been more united than this. Especially at such a delicate moment in which the Crown decided to strip them of their royal titles. “Several changes have been made to the website and the Sussexes now appear under the authority of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and Princess Alexandra,” said author Richard Fitzwilliams. MailOnline although, in truth, it has been three years since Meghan Markle has been treated with the title of Her Royal Highness. Meanwhile, the couple is living their lives, Harry in Japan and Meghan in Los Angeles.

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“Shopping for our wives. Many thanks to Tokyo for generous hospitality and kindness towards us.” Nacho posts on social media immortalizing himself with Harry., landed in Japan on August 8 to attend a summit hosted by the International Society for the Promotion of Sports. “For most of my life I have been involved in many charities and I take great pleasure in helping as many people as possible. My life is charity, always has been, always will be,” said Prince Harry. that on August 12 he would take advantage of the trip to play a polo match with his friend.

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