Meghan Markle, no collaboration with Dior, but check out old audition in a lace dress

Recently there has been talk of a possible collaboration between Meghan Markle and Dior (which the maison has denied in the past few hours). However, fans remembered that the Duchess had already “auditioned” for the Maison: here are the unreleased photos.

life in the last two years meghan markle Much has changed: if she was forced to give up her career as an actress while at Windsor Court, now that she has her freedom away from Great Britain she can potentially do whatever she pleases. Although she prefers to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible, she seems to be inclined to attend high-profile gala events. It is therefore not surprising that there has recently been talk of a possible collaboration with Maison diorwho wanted her as a testimonial alongside big names like Rihanna or Jennifer Lawrence.

Meghan Markle’s old casting

Meghan Markle has been in the center of media attention in recent days and the reason is very simple: it was said that she was about to sign an important deal with Dior to become one of the new testimonials. Not many people know that the Duchess has auditioned for Maison before, albeit in a film. Fans haven’t forgotten it and posted photos and videos of the experience on Reddit as the gossip began to circulate. It was 2015 when Meghan starred antisocial, a low-budget crime film in which she played model Kirsten. For various reasons, in the film she found herself pretending to sponsor a perfume whose bottle was inspired by iconic people signed by Dior.

Meghan Markle in the movie Anti-Social

Meghan Markle in the movie Anti-Social

Meghan and Harry will not collaborate with Dior

Burgundy lace dress with American neckline with peek-a-boo effect, gold chain bracelets and hair tied in a half updo: thanks to the plastic poses she assumed in front of the camera, Meghan proved to be perfect in the role of model. The only small downside? In the past few hours, Dior has denied any possible association with him. Her husband Harry’s style choice at her father Carlo’s coronation (he wore a suit from the French maison) has nothing to do with the fictitious partnership, but was completely random. Although, how many people dreamed of seeing the most famous couple of England on the pages of glossy fashion magazines?

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Meghan Markle in 2015

Meghan Markle in 2015

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