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Meghan Markle reacted dramatically when Princess Diana died

The death of the princess Diana of Wales It was one of the most notorious tragedies during the 90s, it is special because of the background it had previously in relation to various scandals of this character with the British crown. On August 31, 1997, the news of his passing was released, leaving several people around the world sad and amazed, including Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry’s wife, who has also had several controversial moments throughout her life during and after being tied to the British monarchy, turned out to be a huge fan of Princess Diana, so his reaction to learning of his death was extremely sad.

Meghan Markle’s reaction when Princess Diana died

According to testimonials from Meghan Markle’s former best friend Ninaki Priddy, the Suits actress she was “obsessed” with all the members of the royal family of England, especially with Harry’s mother, claiming that she was devastated when Princess Diana died.

On the other hand, Andrew Morton revealed in his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess that in 1997 Harry’s future girlfriend cried while watching the Princess of Wales funeral. “Tears ran down her cheeks in the heartbreaking moment when the cameras approached an envelope with the word ‘Mom’ written on it, which was placed next to the coffin, “the author of the book reviews.

Additionally, Morton also wrote about how Meghan and her friends used to watch old videos of Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding day and quickly became fascinated by the princess. “According to family friends, was intrigued by Diana, not only for her style, but for her independent humanitarian mission, seeing her as a role model”Said the author.

The Duchess of Sussex has paid tribute to her mother-in-law on several occasions, especially with various outfits similar to those that the Princess of Wales wore. Also, when she gave birth to a daughter in June 2021, she and Harry named her Lilibet Diana.

Meghan claimed to know nothing about the monarchy

During an interview, Meghan told the BBC that she had no idea how big Harry and his family were because she is American. “I’m from the United States, you don’t grow up with the same understanding of the royal family”, said. “And yet, even though I understand very clearly now that there is a global interest there, I didn’t know much about it.”

The Suits star added that therefore the only question he had for the person who introduced them was whether Harry was “nice.”

However, according to Priddy’s testimony, Meghan Markle “was always fascinated by the royal family.” “She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. He had one of Princess Diana’s books on his shelf, and even when he was with Trevor, he told me that he wanted to go and stay in London for at least a month, ”Priddy commented.

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