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Meghan Markle wears her wedding earrings again

  • These members of the British royal house are not called what you think
  • The evolution of Meghan Markle’s style

    Since they left the British royal house, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle they have been seen on very rare occasions. Of them, the most notorious was the interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which they made very harsh statements about his family, although since then he has been more exposed in the media, talking about such sensitive topics as suicide or depression and how they have been through your life. But hey, today we are here to analyze his last public appearance, which has left us real moments.

    The couple has flown to New York this week for the Global Citizen Live event, in Central Park, to advocate that the covid vaccine is administered in all countries of the world. It is the first time we have seen Meghan since she gave birth to Lilibeth and her outfits have not disappointed. In one of them he has dared with a red ‘total look’ that, of course, has already gone viral, and in the other he has opted for a sober navy blue with a very special detail: She has worn her wedding earrings again!

    the duke and duchess of sussex visit one world observatory with nyc mayor bill de blasio

    Taylor hillGetty Images

    Do they sound familiar to you? Indeed, it is the model that took to the altar in 2018. Look!

    meghan earrings

    Getty Images

    These Cartier white gold and diamond jewels have become one of the most special in her wardrobe, although she has worn them from time to time on random dates. She wore the earrings a few weeks before her wedding, also for her son Archie’s christening and now on this date in the Big Apple. There is no doubt that it is something very special for her … And precious!

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