Meghan Markle’s agreement with Dior: the new face of the brand

Meghan Markle could land a very lucrative deal with luxury brand Dior. According to sources, the Duchess of Sussex, “willtrying to reinvent myselfAnd maybe on the verge of signing a big deal with the fashion house. Sources report that the former actress is poised to become the new face of the brand, following in the footsteps of Rihanna and other successful actresses.

according to an important influencer of beverly hills, meghan markle Already on the verge of signing the agreement. There SourceHe The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will live in the vicinitysaid that in Montecito it “that’s all everyone talks about” is that “Rumors have been spreading for weeks Reportedly signed a deal with Dior which triggered the gossip, Reported by mailonline, one who collects wordsinside,

Meghan Markle Dior Agreement

in talks about a possible deal with diorThe source said this employment contract could represent a personal vendetta against the wife. prince harry, in fact, just a few days ago Spotify Announced the end of a joint project with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. after only one season podcast, Indeed, Markle had to say goodbye to her intention to move on. However, some sources state their intention to operate the project on another platform.

Will Meghan Markle be the new face of Dior?

Although Dior is yet to confirm the newsheard from the source mailonline she was sure of that meghan markle defining the terms of the agreement. Ale’insider, In fact, he said: “If she succeeds, no one will remember that her stupid podcast was canceled after one season., a source of wme agency The agency – with which the Duchess of Sussex signed a deal earlier this year – said the end of the contract was already anticipated. ,We knew the Spotify announcement was coming – He has announced – This may be a shock to everyone else, but we’re working on it rebranding Of Meghan, The agency also said that Prince Harry’s wife was faced with several job offers.

meghan markle

meghan markleHe Over the years she has repeatedly chosen Dior to dress On the most important occasions, he may become the face of the brand’s next campaign. it won’t even stop him from chasing you podcast on another channel. Indeed, the source said: “He is excited to represent. Meghan And put all my energy into it. Offers started rolling in from other podcast platforms, A deal like this with Dyer, Meghan Markle will be put on the same level as actresses, singers and global stars like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, Plus, the Sussex team will always be on the job Secure working arrangements beneficial to the couple, On the other hand, as the source pointed out, both ,they need a bigger income To finance his lavish lifestyle and keep up with his friends Hollywood,

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