Meghan Markle’s relationship with the Princess of Asturias Awards

It’s possible that the headline misses a bit of firsts. Of course, we should talk to the most knowledgeable, but a priori we do not see her receiving the Princess of Asturias of the Arts. And if it weren’t for the link between the Spanish royal family and the Duchess of Sussex and the British royal family, we wouldn’t think of another way to establish a relationship between Meghan Markle and the Princess of Asturias Awards. But there is, at least in the 2021 edition. We have no doubt that the exactriz will be one of the thousands of people who will be glued to the screen next October so as not to miss anything that happens at the ceremony. And it will not be for the excitement of the gala, nor for the sound of the bagpipes nor for seeing the Princess Eleanor delivering ‘her’ awards. It will be because among the winners there is nothing more and nothing less than two good friends of his.

It was last May 19 when we knew one of the names that are next October in Oviedo collecting their award. It’s about Gloria Steinem, winner of the Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2021. “An essential iconic reference of the women’s rights movement, since the sixties Gloria Steinem’s activism, marked by independence and rigor, has been the driving force behind one of the great revolutions of contemporary society. Over six decades, its solid and inexhaustible commitment to feminism, its weighting and their willingness to include all voices have promoted equality as one of the fundamental values of humanity, “are the words reflected in the minutes with the jury’s ruling.

Gloria Steinem, in a stock image. (EFE)

But in addition to these merits that the jury has highlighted, it is not a name that was completely unknown to us in the royal world. And it is that last summer was the ‘culprit’ that Meghan will come out of her confinement from her Santa Barbara mansion. The reason, a videotaped talk to promote voting, in which they even called random telephones to try to get those citizens who were not clear about going to the polls to do so. It was one of the many activities, talks and symposia in which Meghan Markle participated on this subject, becoming almost an icon of women’s suffrage in the United States during the last elections, without also hiding her political preferences and her animosity to Donald Trump.

The fact that Gloria Steinem is regarded as a feminist figure of reference it was very “inspiring” for the exactriz, as she herself confessed during the talk. The connection between the two women was instantaneous and since then they have maintained a good friendship, forged thanks mostly to those feminist interests that connected them from the beginning.

The chef José Andrés, in a file image. (EFE)

The award-winning middle name to which Meghan Markle is linked is much better known in our country. It is about the chef José Andrés, recognized with the Princess of Asturias Award of Concord thanks to his humanitarian work at the head of his NGO World Central Kitchen: “José Andrés, together with the organization World Central Kitchen, founded by himself, has turned his successful experience in the gastronomic and business field to develop, with universal vision, ways of Humanitarian aid to the most disadvantaged in the most extreme situations. The jury highlights the ability of the winner to set up an organization that has been offering an extraordinarily fast and effective response on the ground to attend food and social emergencies, which has served to promote the collaboration of agents from different fields in search of a more just, equitable and sustainable society”.

World Central Kitchen was founded in 2010, after the earthquakes that took place in Haiti, leaving thousands of people with nothing and aggravating the situation of those who already had little. Since then, it has continued to operate around the world with the help of different companies and donations from individuals. It was in December 2020 when it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had joined forces with the chef and with the NGO through the Archewell Foundation. The objective was the construction of several community aid centres in different locations such as Dominica, Puerto Rico and India. “I’ve been able to meet both of them. and I think their values are directly related to the ones we hold at World Central Kitchen,” the chef said at the time. A union that has worked very well since then and will continue to grow in the future, helping as many people as they can and, why not, surely receiving such important recognitions as the Princess of Asturias Award.


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