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Meghan Markle’s ‘wild’ love that is not directed at Prince Harry

In addition to making direct references to the essential role played in her daily life by both her husband, the Prince Harry (36), like his son Archie, Meghan Markle (40) has boasted on numerous occasions of the therapeutic and emotional effect that, for her, comes from having at home two pets as lovable and faithful as their puppies Guy and Pula.

Without going any further, in her last conversation with Caroline Yates, the director of an animal shelter in which the Duchess of Sussex collaborates, the former actress would have revealed that the harsh period of domestic confinement to which her entire family has been subjected Over the past year (like millions of citizens around the world, let’s go) once the coronavirus pandemic was officially declared, it became slightly more bearable thanks to its pets, especially the inexhaustible affection and “comfort” that they have been offering him in these difficult times, especially in the wake of her miscarriage.

“Every time we speak, the Duchess always mentions the importance that animals have for her, especially in the hardest moments. With everything that has happened this year, her dogs have provided her with the extra comfort and support that we all needed, since they help a lot when it comes to dealing with personal and social tribulations “, the aforementioned Caroline has explained to the magazine ‘Hello!’.

The organization in question, called ‘Mayhew’, has been around for several years rescuing abandoned animals and trying to establish very profitable bonds between future pets and those people in need of warmth and closeness. In order to raise funds to support their work, the organization led by Caroline joined forces with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex last Christmas to produce a Christmas card in which, in addition to the royal couple and their little one, they also their little dogs Guy and Pula were prominently featured.

“It represented very well our mission, which is to establish ties between animals and humans so that they are a great source of comfort and mutual stimulation. And also to highlight how fun it can be to have a pet,” he indicated.

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