Melania Trump leaves the White House: these scandalous photos that she will never forget …


As her husband’s term ends, the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump shared a farewell video on the Web. In 4 years, the ex-model will have faced many scandals …

On January 20,  Joe Biden will be sworn in on Capitol Hill and become the 46th President of the United States. And if Donald Trump has already announced that he will not be there, his wife, Melania, has taken a step towards appeasement, by sharing a farewell video on social networks this week.

The scandals that she will not forget

Without naming her husband’s successor, the first lady of the United States slipped into her speech a message to the supporters of the president. She told them, “Be passionate in whatever you do. But always remember that violence is never the solution, and will never be justified.” A phrase that particularly surprised commentators. Comfortable in her role as First Lady for the first time since arriving in Washington, Melania Trump also explained: “The past four years have been unforgettable.”

Enough to suggest that the 50-year-old ex-model is romancing her stay at the White House … She assures us that she will always remember the “incredible stories of love, patriotism, and determination” that she lived. We will rather remember that it was at the heart of the scandal. And this more than once.

Even before the election of Donald Trump, in November 2016, the New York Post had also found nude photos of her, taken 20 years earlier and which had been published in 1997, in the French magazine Max. The alluring face, she had posed entirely naked, legs apart, the hand placed on her penis …

She lamented being the “most harassed person in the world”

A taste of the problems she would encounter when leaving Trump Tower in New York. A few years later, she even considered herself “the most harassed person in the world”. Hopefully her move to Florida, to Mar-a-Lago, will bring her all the peace she longs for.