Melanie Da Cruz gives her belly in a bikini, the users report their second pregnancy !


According to Nabilla in the Maldives in micro bikini on the series is Melanie Da Cruz to an increase in the temperature. For a couple of hours, the young woman we discovered in season 9, Secret Story, enjoy the sun in South Africa. This Monday, the 10. February is the pretty blonde has so confuse with the publication of photographs of her on holiday… to its subscribers loyal. Bombesque, as usual, Mélanie, in particular, the laying of swimsuit has two parts, the gold plated in a pool, and in front of a Paradise backdrop.

A photo that sows the seeds of doubt
If some over-zealous greetings, your beauty, and the perfection of its silhouette, other statement of the theory quickly that the young woman was pregnant again : “I’m the only one that you have a very rounded belly ? “, “I think so too “, “Exactly, that’s the first thing I saw “, “I thought the same thing”, the “Small bidou on the horizon ?” you can read, read in the comments under the release.

Very attentive to the anatomy of the wife of Anthony Martial and some have also noticed that his chest would have been, grossi, the close could be the beginning of a second pregnancy : “I was thinking, the same applies for the belly and the chest is swollen, I think, Yes “, “Baby 2″ ?”, Chest swollen on the block….

Finally, the legend of the famous photo that would be a subliminal message ? Because Melanie has written : If you don’t know, now you know it. “.

As a reminder: Melanie Da Cruz is already the mother of a little boy by the name of Swan, born on 25. of July 2018.

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Eleanor of la Fontaine