Melissa Benoist is starring in the new ad music of Minecraft


melissa benoist minecraft

We could already see in the chapter musical of the third season of the ‘The Flash’ the musical talent possessed by many of the actors and actresses involved in this series and in ‘Supergirl‘. Two that we saw singing, of course, is Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, and Grant Gustin, who plays Flashand did it really well. This is not surprising as both actors showed their singing ability in the series ‘Glee’.

From Minecraft they had to see their musical talent, since that is the star of its new ad showing off his talent for singing. However, this is not the first time he sings for Minecraft, as they sang in the MineConthe annual convention of Minecraft. In this new video, in which they touted the improved graphics of the game, we can see Melissa Benoist traverse the world of the blocks are accompanied by different characters of the game.

Then, we leave you with the video, although we do not rule out that, if you continue to sing, ends up making an appearance along with Green Arrow:

“It is not who you are inside, your actions are what define you”