Meloni-Barbie and Salvini-Ken YouTube parody video

Georgia Meloni as Barbie, platinum Matteo Salvini as Ken who tries to win his favor and doesn’t forget to wear roller skates, Ignazio La Russa as Ken’s rival, Minister Santanche as the brunette Barbie and then Giuseppe Conte in a special role as ” fluid” Allan, Ellie Schlein instead of America Ferrera and Maurizio Gasparri as CEO of Mattel.

A parody of Barbie, Georgie, made with artificial intelligence, face swap technology (Meloni instead of Margot Robbie, Salvini instead of Ryan Gosling) is going crazy on Youtube.

The texts are the same as in Greta Gerwig’s world blockbuster, the scenes are exactly the same as those of Barbie, and the faces are replaced with the faces of the Italian political scene.

The video is signed by Ceci n’est pas une AI, an Italian multi-follower account that has been active since April 2023 and promises to be creative with AI-generated videos and open source software. stable diffusion. . The result is clearly funny, more ironic than irreverent.

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Indeed, from the first day of the release of the film, which has become a social phenomenon, memes, parodies on social networks have gone crazy, as well as avatars that allow users to transform into Barbie characters.

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