Meloni’s mission (im)possible with Tom Cruise, the new presenter of Hyena (it’s not Belen) and… all the gossip with Roberto Alessi – MOW


Emmanuel Filiberto. Talking about GFVIP a documentary film on “King Vittorio” by Beatrice Casiraghi

I recently met Emanuele Filiberto on an occasion that was certainly not a happy occasion, given that we were at Silvio Berlusconi’s funeral. Now we talk about Savoys these days for two reasons. The first is that Beatrice Borromeo, granddaughter of Marta Marzotto and wife of Pierre Casiraghi, son of Caroline of Monaco, has been roped in as a director to direct The Prince, a three-episode documentary that follows the story of the last heir to the throne of Monaco. detects. .Italy Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia starts streaming on Netflix from July 4. But we talk about Savoy above all because Emanuele Filiberto has been tipped to be one of the commentators on the next Big Brother VIP. Emanuele must take the place vacated by Sonia Brugnelli and sit next to Orietta Berti, who already knows Emanuele. We’ll see what happens because Bruganelli always says she doesn’t want to go back, then she changes her mind, on the other hand, do you know how boring it is at home? Between watching TV and doing it, it’s better to do it.


Roberta Bruzon, Fifty Years of Toughest Criminologist and Frightened Love

I’ve been friends with Roberta Bruzon for years and I like her because she is intelligent, a criminologist who is not at all narcissistic, observant, not even abusive, who is not afraid to voice her opinion is not, and if someone steps on his toes, he is able to walk to another part instead of sketching. Plus it’s hot. He will turn 50 on July 1. They told me that she has had more than one husband, but things seem to be going very well with Massimo Marino (probably the fourth), on the other hand he is a high-ranking police officer. The ideal figure for a criminologist, I dare not think of his conversation between risotto and steak at the table in the evening, using the knife on his cover to explain how the murderer could have attacked the victim. a scary love


Belen and Lucianina. For a Rodríguez that leaves the litizzetto coming from Maria?

Lucianina would follow Fabio Fazio sul nove to continue Litizzetto che tempo che fa (who knows if they’ll actually use the same title? It seems so). But since now she can do everything, it seems, we will also find her on Canal 5 in Tu Si Vélez, next to María De Filippi, who always wanted her to be a guest in every edition of Mail for You. The idea is excellent, so is the money, the friendship, even if nothing lasts forever, as for Belén, who leaves Caderghino as presenter after nine editions. Belén does not confirm, her ex Fabrizio Corona speaks instead: “Belén was not evicted from Tu Si Que Welles, she left after 9 years, she made her choice”. But it seems that Belen is moving away from Mediaset, as he will not stay in Le Ine either. And Corona says: “Another person was put on Le Ine instead.” What a big word: tax, an unknown practice in Colono. But he reiterated that “it is not true that he was thrown out by Pier Silvio Berlusconi”. Even hunting is a word Mediaset doesn’t use: contracts begin and end, full stop, they are independent professionals. that other person must be the reporter veronica gentilesThe face of Controcorente, talk show on Rete 4. He who lives will see.

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