Member of Citizen’s Movement gives positive Covid-19


This Saturday confirmed the second case of a legislator infected with coronavirus in the Chamber of Deputies.

The coordinator of the caucus of MC, Tonatiuh Bravo, said that the mep of MC, Mary Libier Gonzalez Anaya, had tested positive Covid-19.

The last session went to the Chamber of Deputies, member Mary Libier Gonzalez Anaya, was that of Thursday 12 march and voted on the opinion to the Law of Dumping in the Mexican Marine Zones.

Deputy Gonzalez Anaya, began with symptoms of low grade fever last Wednesday, march 18. This was corroborated when arriving from an early hour to the Chamber of Deputies to attend the session of the plenary. However, when entering the parking lot to the campus legislature, the filter sanitary in Camera has detected that the mp came with a fever, so she was immediately referred to Medical Services of St. Lazarus. Once in consultation, the doctor advised him to leave the precinct to which she agreed.

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Of legislative Palace traveled to Guadalajara, Jalisco, where they live, their family, given that as a member of a migrant worker, Mary Libier Gonzalez Anaya, has residence in the state of California, united States of America. However, after staying in the city of Guadalajara for eight days with fever, the mp test was performed of the Covid-19 in a private laboratory, which today confirmed the positive result.

It should be recalled that last Thursday there was the first federal deputy that gives positive Covid-19.

It is the deputy of Baja California Citizens ‘ Movement (MC), Jorge Alcibiades García Lara.

In a statement, the parliamentary group of the Citizens ‘ Movement, reiterates its respectful appeal to the legislators as well as to working groups that were agreed in meetings with the congresswoman on Tuesday 10 and Thursday 12 march, to adhere to the medical protocols, of foresight, care and follow-up as appropriate.

At the time, the deputy is evolving favorably and taken care of by their families, who have decided to maintain this recovery process with full respect to your privacy. ”The Parliamentary Group of Deputies of Deputies and Citizens, declare our solidarity and support for his speedy recovery”.


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