Men and women, Isabella’s dream house in Dubai: where the former throne lives

Men and women, Isabella Ricci and her dream home in Dubai: breathtaking views and unique details where the former face of Canale 5 lives.

A rain of red petals, a love song in the background, and a (newborn) couple huddled together in the middle of the studio. And this the most beautiful and exciting moment of men and women, one in which the main characters decide to leave the program to live their love with the cameras off. The moment that Isabella Ricci he arrived in December 2021, after several months in the parterre of the Supreme See.

A very elegant lady decided to start the story with Fabio Mantovani, known precisely in the program of Maria De Filippi. A story that began in just a few months to push couple getting married shortly after saying goodbye to the transmission, ea buying a house together in Dubai, where they expected to live together for at least six months of the year. A life project that, however, came to an abrupt halt as the former lady announced last June that she had officially separated from her husband.

In a recent interview with, Isabella spoke of the delicate period she had to face, however without going into details and maintaining the line of confidentiality that has always distinguished her. She also talked about the magnificent residence in Dubai, to which she remains very attached and intends to live even alone for several winter months. In recent months, on social media, the former face of Throne Auvers showed some details of the dream housefrom super original decor to breathtaking views.

Isabella Ricci, breakup with Fabio and a new beginning

“When it’s too good to be true, it’s not true.” With these few but eloquent words on June 6 last year Isabella Ricci has announced the annulment of her marriage to Fabio Mantovani.. A real cold shower for Canale 5 viewers who have followed and supported the couple since their first interactions in the Men and Women study. The story seemed to be going smoothly, but something went wrong.

Idyll, then separation: between Fabio and Isabella, men and women, it’s all over – Instagram credits @isabellariccireal (

TO Isabella admitted that “made the mistake of overestimating him, overestimating his words”, but preferred not to tell any details about the reasons for the dissolution of the marriage. Causes which, however, he defined as “sudden”. A parting that marks the end of the life plan for two that Fabio and Isabella built together step by step. from a wedding in May 2022 to a home in Dubai. The house, which, however, the former face of Men and Women is not going to leave, starting with himself.

“I bought this house with my work savings, believing in a common purpose.. It’s mine and it stays with me. I rearranged the furniture a bit, removing some of the things we bought together. I had a good time in Dubai, I think I will return between September and October. I plan to live there, using it as a winter shelter.“. And speaking of the setting, on social media, Isabella showed some corners of her home in the United Arab Emirates: a true paradise.

Breathtaking views and rich colors: details of Isabella’s house in Dubai

It was October 2022 when, through her very popular Instagram channel (over 140,000 followers), Isabella Ricci shared her first photo. new apartment in dubai. A preview that had fans intrigued a lot as the former lady showed off the empty house and in the following weeks showed the furnishings. The detail that immediately captivated everyone? Incredible view.

Breathtaking Panorama of Dubai: Isabella Ricci House – Instagram Credits @isabellariccireal (

The apartment offers a view of the Burji Khalifa and other skyscrapers of the city, and in the evening the play of light and color is suggestive. The colors, the ones Isabella liked to laugh with, even in regards to the color of the walls. If the lady opted for the indigo color for the hallway, then the living room is characterized by purple prevails with all its shades.

From the walls to the sofa, this is a relaxing corner dedicated to reading books and watching TV. Isabella has taken care of this down to the smallest detail, enriching it with lamps, roses (which she likes to arrange in different parts of the house) and hookah, “what cannot be missing in an Arab house”. But that’s not all.

The colors of Isabella Ricci’s house from indigo to purple – photo from Instagram @isabellariccireal (

Also in the living room, Isabella equipped a section dedicated to friends to invite loved ones for lunch, dinner or breakfast. Strictly transparent table and chairs (so as not to spoil the external panorama) and ubiquitous roses: the view, even from this angle, is breathtaking. Finally, the home tour ends at brown bedroom, darker on the back wall and slightly lighter on the sides.

Brown is also a bed, with mirrored bedside tables and gold and dark brown bedside lamps. A door leads to a dressing room (super spacious) and another one at the back leads to the bathroom. “The colors are a bit specific, but we find them very warm and welcoming.”– Isabella said, showing an unusual panorama, visible even from the bed.

Isabella’s apartment in Dubai, from living room to bedroom – Instagram photo @isabellariccireal (

A real dream apartment designed by Ricci, where nothing is left to chance and where comfort is perfectly combined with style and extreme sophistication. And those who followed the lady into “Men and Women” could not expect anything else.

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