Menarini Fair Play International Award, one thousand in Fiesole

The embrace of more than a thousand spectators welcomed the Roman Theater of Fiesole The grand finale of the XXVII Menarini Fair Play International Awards. Organized by the Fair Play Menarini Foundation and focused on a sporting culture of ethics and respect, the event culminated on this extraordinary platform for the first time. The winners of the Hero 2023 edition, internationally renowned sports legends, are examples of competition and a healthy way of facing competition in life.

Top-tier names populate the Fiesol parterre. In the stands, the program’s present interacted with its past, which included, in addition to the new award winners, the count. Several Menarini Fair Play ambassadors from previous editions, The message of the award was also seen in the presence of the Minister of Sports and Youth, Andrea Abodi, who has already been awarded the Menarini International Fair Play Award in 2016.

,The Menarini Fair Play Award has become a ‘classic’ event in the sporting world, a prestigious recognition as an athlete and manager. I remember with emotion when in 2016 I was honored in the category ‘The Gesture’ for the initiative that I proposed as President of Lega B, with the assignment of green cards by the referee at the end of the match to those Awarded to players who had excelled themselves with significant fair play. Respect, sports culture and social responsibility are elements that should be a natural part of every person’s life, starting from school. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and thanks to these opportunities, such as the Fair Play Award, it is possible to highlight the values ​​of sport through exemplary interpreters who uphold and guarantee them, positive for Youngest witness. Twenty-seven editions mean a lot, a tradition that has been renewed and enriched over time, year after year, with a priceless product that has material values ​​and experiences, under the banner of loyalty and respect for the rules that are the basis for a healthy For competition in which overcoming an opponent passes primarily through personal development, with an ambition to always improve, Announcement of the Minister of Sports and Youth, Andrea Abodi.

Final act of hosting the award star of the world sporting scene, Starting with football, Inter’s iconic leader and Nerazzurri club vice-president, Javier Zanetti, and coach Antonio Cabrini, already a pillar of Juventus, were presented with the Paolo Rossi special award “Models for young people” commemorating the glorious World Cup ” has been awarded. Lived with “Pablito” of ’82. Athletics was able to count on record long jumper Larissa Ipchino, gold medalist at the Golden Gala last June, as standard-bearer, while Massimiliano Rossolino, the eternal pride of blue, and Paralympic swimmer Giulia Ghiretti from the Olympus of water sports Had landed , Two extraordinary snow queens, skier Deborah Compagnoni and biathlete Lisa Vittozzi, were also present. And then, foil diva Elisa Di Francisca, coach Alessandra Campedelli, former coach of the Iranian women’s national volleyball team, and NBA basketball ace Luis Alberto Scola Balvoa. To complete the list of new entries to the Menarini Fair Play Roll of Honor, tennis “lioness” Francesca Schiavone and Jacopo Volpi, the new director of Rai Sport, winner of the Franco Lauro Special Prize “Narrating Emotions”.

“Having lived the experience of the award, we are even more aware of having participated in a truly unique project – He says Anna Ravoni, Mayor of Fiesole , A program committed to uncovering the true essence of sport through the stories of the many athletes who are now part of our collective imagination is an important legacy. The whole community of Fiesole is delighted to have the Menarini Fair Play International Award on its way,

Celebration, Moderated by Lorenzo Dallari and Rachele Sangiuliano, saw the musical revival on stage of Neri per Casso’s fair play Menarini, hero of the evening, twenty-four years from his previous performance in the context of the award. Before them, today, the notes of the swing band Papillon. And speaking of spectacular returns, it would be hard to forget the warmth the public has for Federica Pellegrini, the incomparable heroine of Italian swimming honored at the 2022 edition of Fair Play and the event’s special guest.

“The XXVII edition of the Awards has just ended but we want to immediately look to the future – they comment Antonello Biccini, Valeria Speroni Cardi and Ennio Troiano, Board Members of the Fair Play Menarini Foundation , In the meantime, special thanks to the people of Fiesole and above all to the new Menarini Fair Play ambassadors, pillars of humanity and bearers of the true value of sport in the world.,

Below are the winners and categories of the XXVII Menarini Fair Play International Award:

  • Francesca Schiavone, category “Sports and Life”

  • Javier Zanetti, category “Legend character”

  • Deborah Compagnoni, Category “Fair Play Career”

  • Alessandra Campedelli, Category “Social Values ​​of Sport”

  • Antonio Cabrini, Category “Models for Young People” Paolo Rossi Special Award

  • Elisa Di Francisca, category “Sports and Adventure”

  • Giulia Ghiretti, Category “Sports Beyond Sports” – Sustanium Energy & Heart

  • Larissa Iapuccino, Category “A Smile for Life”

  • Massimiliano Rossolino, category “Sports Promotion”

  • Luis Alberto Scola Balvoa, “Fair Play” category

  • Lisa Vittozzi, category “Fair play and the environment”

  • Jacopo Volpi, Category “Description of Emotions” Franco Lauro Special Prize

  • Mariaclotilde Adosini, “Young” category

  • Emilia Rosatti, “Youth” category

  • Giorgio Pietro Torrisi, “Youth” category

  • Gianluca Gencini, Category “Study and Sport” Special Prize Fiamme Giale

Also present were the Menarini Fair Play Ambassadors:

andrea abodi
giancarlo antononi
Edwin Moses
Federica Pellegrini
tommy smith

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