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Virginia Souras

Dear, this time I propose a trend that has now become main stream with fall 2023 fashion: men in skirts.

The men’s skirt has never ceased to tease the strict ethical codes pre-established by society, from antiquity to Scottish kilts borrowed from the Highland tradition to punks.

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Fashion has never ceased to provide concrete evidence that can be brought to life: in our recent past, designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, taking advantage of the hedonistic ebullient era, in 1985 proudly decided to send boys in skirts to the catwalk. .

Even today there is no shortage of proposals: from Hedi Slimane for Celine to Riccardo Tisci for Burberry, through Dries Van Noten and pleated skirts Tom Brown.

But it was Brad Pitt who finally cleared this image. Last July, the actor known for his hyper-male roles came to the premiere of the film. High-speed train with a casual linen suit. The news spread all over the world. The creation, wrapped in linen, is by New York-based designer Haans Nicholas Mott. On this occasion, Pitt and Mott decided to light-heartedly experiment with new shores of self-image. A slightly flared skirt paired with a pink shirt and oversized jacket can be worn with combat boots, the two said.

The skirt thus became a symbol of stylistic fluidity and freedom from labels. But red carpet and runway aside, is the market ready? Will the shops be able to win the bet?

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