Mercado Libre enters the world of crypto; now allows you to buy, sell and invest in Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrencies have gradually been gaining a space in the financial world and, currently, a lot of people save, invest and pay with this type of currency. Large companies do not want to be left out of this world that has the potential to be the future and, therefore, they have looked for options that go well with their proposal. Such is the case of Mercado Libre, a Latin American company that decided to enter the world of Bitcoin.

As a report from Bloomberg Law, soon MercadoPago, MercadoLibre’s payment service, will allow its users to buy, sell and invest in Bitcoin. It is worth mentioning that, for now, MercadoPago will not allow you to pay for services or goods with cryptocurrencies. In this way, it is only a move only for those interested in Bitcoin as an investment.

“We take the time to study and learn before we make the move to cryptocurrencies. This has transformative potential ahead and opens a new avenue for us,” said Tulio Oliveira, vice president of MercadoPago.

In other news

It is worth mentioning that, for now, the option to buy Bitcoin in MercadoPago will only be available in Brazil. In that region, there was already a test phase in which a limited number of users were able to buy and sell Bitcoin. In the coming days, MercadoPago will offer this option to many more of its clients in this country.

Now, that the purchase of Bitcoin in MercadoPago is only available in Brazil does not mean that Mercado Libre prefers to stay without expanding it. In fact, the company is already working to offer Bitcoin in more markets in Latin America, so it is a matter of time before we see it in Mexico, Argentina and other countries in the region.

What do you think about this new? Are you willing to buy Bitcoins through Mercado Libre? Tell us in the comments.

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