Merchants of “El Molinito” to close premises for fear that Covid-19 to be extended


Naucalpan, Mex.- The death this week of three vegetable vendors in the market “El Molinito”“us lands in which the coronavirus is real”, as in the ship one of this market there are 27 people infected with hivnoted tenants who decided to close their curtains before the fear of the pandemic spread, while many other “bluff” and say that “something will have to die.”

“El elotero” and two other merchants, who died this week are vegetable vendors, while the wife of one of them is hospitalized for Copvid-19; they “got in the Central de Abastos” the City of Mexico, however most are still working selling vegetables, pointed lessees.

Naucalpan recorded 183 confirmed cases of Covid-19, according to figures from the ministry of Health, the Federal Government and is the fourth municipality with the highest number of cases registered in the State of Mexicoafter Neza that registers 326, Ecatepec, with 265 and Tlalnepantla with 183.

Before the outbreak of Covid-19 in “El Molinito”, it is urgent to act directly health authorities and the city council, to make a fence and to carry out the filters and sanitizing of interior and exterior, as well as they did in San Bartolo market that remains with controlled access, asked sellers who have seen their colleagues get sick.

In “El Molinito” there is an average of 350 local assets, in addition to wineries, where all the days are concentrated hundreds and even thousands of clients, however in and out of this market today there is talk of sellers who have died and of those who are infected by Covid-19.

“We sell food, we could keep working, but we are seeing as our teammates are getting sick and three have already died, so we decided to lower the curtains, then with what sales we could not pay a hospital, it is more our health and our life,” said Ernesto.

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