Merck Animal Health highlights its IDAL product line for intradermal vaccination at Anaporc 2023

Merck Animal Health participated in the XLII Anaporc 2023 Congress on October 4 and 5, held at Forum Evolucin in Burgos, where it presented its IDAL product range, in particular the combined use of Porcilis Lawsonia ID Vaccine against porcine ileitis using Porcilis PCV ID for intradermal recording.

The IDAL device can deliver intradermal and needle-free vaccinations as an alternative to traditional vaccinations, the company explained. These devices offer all the advantages associated with intradermal and needle-free vaccination while making it possible to immunize animals with high-quality and effective products against PRRS, enzootic pneumonia, Ojeski’s disease, ringworm in pigs Diseases such as viral diseases and ileitis.

Paula Herrero, product manager for the pork business unit at Merck Animal Health, explained that with this intradermal vaccination system, the stress and pain during vaccination can be reduced, the iatrogenic transmission of pathogens can be reduced, and possible situations can be avoided, thereby Improve animal health. Since the vaccine is deposited in the dermis, there is a risk of damage to muscle tissue. He also stressed that it helps minimize abscesses caused by incorrect vaccination practices and that since needles are not used, it provides greater safety for workers and avoids the possibility of needles remaining in the carcass, This is good for food safety.

Marisa Perez Brea, Jesus Vicente Lopez, Rut Menjn, Paula Herrero and Miguel Pardo; heads of the Pork Business Unit at MSD Animal Health Spain and Portugal.

As in previous years, the final session, chaired by Anaporc President Juan Granda, included many renowned professionals from the pork industry and stood out for its keynote presentations, which included issues such as preventive and sustainable nutrition or the Seneca virus. At the round table that concluded the two days, there was a debate on restrictions on pig production in Europe and a session entitled “Why do we have a shortage of pigs?” where the guests were able to debate with the speakers and address their doubts and concerns .

Merck Animal Health is sponsoring the XLII Anaporc 2023 conference celebrations to demonstrate the company’s support for these critical days of swine industry updates and training.

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