Mesh dress summer 2023: how to combine it in the afternoon and evening

It seems almost impossible to resist the temptation to buy it. mesh dress summer 2023. There trend in fact it spreads everywhere. Because it is perfect for the hot season and for many beach holiday occasions. But also because it appears to be something different from the usual, extravagant and sensual in the right place.

There are those short and made inKnitting and those longenriched sparkling applications. networks minimum and embroidered pearl. Clothes to wear over a bathing suit or underwear and those to show off through and through, in the name of transparencies. Each has its own style and therefore its perfect mesh dress. It’s so easy to say from morning to evening, change in length and materials. Passing by with ease from beach to party in mid august more bubbly.

Mesh dress for the day, on the beach and beyond

On the beach the fishnet dress has taken pride of place when it comes to cover up. Fully covering another of the strongest trends of the summer season, namelyKnitting.

What is fashionable?  Spring/Summer 2023 trends not to be missed

With regular or more complex textures, transparency should show bathing suit below. Color consistency or play with color contrasts. Choose between mini and maxi version. Then just add some flip flops This Beach bag from straw or canvas, and a typical festive look is ready.

But fishnet dress it cannot be attributed only to the beach. It can also be worn to explore every village and seaside market. And in the city. For those who are more daring and with models with denser textures, you can even dare to wear it on the skin, focusing on the factor see through. But the best way to follow the trend is wear it over tank tops, shorts, jumpsuits and mini dresses color agreed. Perfect complements in these cases are sandals flat ultra comfortable, shoulder or shoulder bags in contrast and irreplaceable pair Sunglasses.

mesh dress summer 2023 black and white day

Black or white, short or long, with or without a petticoat, the summer 2023 mesh dress is also perfect for the city (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Mesh evening dress full of sensuality

When he arrives there evening and cases become more elegant and fashionable, mesh dress summer 2023 become a true ally to put together an amazing outfit and, at the same time, fight the prevailing heat of the season. Here transparency plays a key role. The choice is to wear only under underpants pendant or dei small pieces strategically located. black this is always a valid and safe option, but a downtrend in color strong and influence is the right move to make your mark. And also focusing on the model long and pointed.

accessories for an evening look, they are of great importance. If this event on the beach they can be combined flat sandals but elegant. Otherwise it’s better to stop jeweled sandals high heels, one mini bags precious and bijouterie bright.

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But if the occasion becomes truly glamorous, the advice is to take a cue from Dua Lipa who is at the film’s world premiere Barbie at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles, she shone in a fishnet dress from Bottega Veneta. Long model, fully embroidered crystals made to her measurements, worn on a naked body. Between mermaid root AND sensual transparencytwo main trends of the season.

summer mesh dress 2023 GettyImages-1517816270

Dua Lipa at the world premiere of the Barbie movie at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles wearing a bespoke Bottega Veneta mesh dress embroidered with crystals (photo courtesy of press office)


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