Messi backs Crewe, Aguero’s esports team

When Kun Aguero received the news of the death of his childhood friend Emiliano Molina, it was a certain Lionel Messi who told him. At the time, in 2005, they were together in the Netherlands for Argentina’s departure for the Under-20 World Cup. Up to this point, they had “seen” from a distance, with Aguero, who had made his debut in the Argentine Championship just two years earlier, and Pulse in 2004 already played for Barcelona for a year. Since then, a deep friendship has developed between them, which has now crossed the boundaries of football and has entered eSports.

From the World Cup to Valorant

During the last World Cup, Aguero was part of the Argentine expedition to Qatar. Although he retired just two years ago due to a sudden heart problem, he still wanted to be part of the expedition to support his former teammates, including Messi, with whom he also shared a room on the last night before the historic final. , then won on penalties against France, which gave Albicelesta his third world title after those won in ’78 and ’86. . However, now Aguero has to worry about another world championship, Valorant.

Kun in esports

For those who don’t know, Valorant is a Riot Games video game. This is a tactical first-person shooter where you don’t have to be able to only shoot (digitally) at your opponents, but you need to be able to synergistically use the skills of each character or agent. Even before retiring from football, Aguero turned to the world of gaming and esports and founded Kru Esports in 2020, an Argentine organization that works both locally and internationally on several games. Including, in fact, Valorant.

Miracle Kru

Despite a rocky start in the American Championship, which features ten organizations from across the open Colombo continent, Crewe managed to qualify for the Valorant Champions World Championship, which will be played in Los Angeles in August. Their performance in the Last Chance qualifier seems like a miracle for a team that ended the VCT Americas Championship in last place with a clean nine game win. Definitely not much for a team that enchanted everyone in the 2021 Champions League with fourth place. Starting from the first round, the Kru have been pushing their way up the board, queuing up all the opponents. And just as Aguero brought good luck to Messi the night before the final, La Pulse did the same by returning the favor with a photo published the day before the final of the tournament that would have qualified Cruz for the World Cup in which he is depicted. from the cru shirt. The team of his close friend El Cun.

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