Messi conquers Miami in 100 days

Messi immediately became an icon in Florida as soon as he announced he was joining Inter Miami. June 7, Argentinian star He announced to the world his decision to start a new phase in Major League Soccer (MLS). After this, expect Winner of the Ballon d’Or seven times, he truly reached his peak until the day of his debut, Never seen in sports.

After a month and a half of waiting, In the League Cup match against Blue Cross, Messi made a jump shot in the 54th minute to complete his debut. With Garza Club. The Argentinian star has had a film career and this time will be no different. After spending more than half an hour with his new teammates, Messi scored the winning goal for Inter Miami in the last minute in front of a crowd. Thanks for the free photo shoot of the beautiful aesthetic craftsmanship.

Behind this, The Messi effect appears in the team Until that moment, this has been a season to forget. Victory after victory, performance after performance, Leo commanded an unrecognizable team. in the best sense Until winning the League Cup, it was Messi’s first tournament in North American soccer.

After winning the League Cup, there was no time to celebrate. Immediately, the team started working ‘Solution’ to all the problems of MLS first half season This is how it started to make a comeback at the dinner table Main thing to look for: Qualifying for the playoffs.

The first quarter is the best way, scoring 10 points out of 12before the first game Messi will join the Argentina team in the 2026 World Cup South American qualifiers. This incident was a turning point because Messi suffered some discomfort after returning from his homeland, which prevented him from returning against Atalanta. And just then This is Messi‚Äôs 100th day in Miami The team’s first defeat comes 5-2 win over Georgia.

Messi’s record

Messi is a player who is often described as “from another planet”. Although this is just an exaggeration, referring to The level displayed in the field, Many times it is more real than it seems because Once the ball started rolling, it was the difference between the Argentinian and everyone else.

In the first 11 games played for Inter Miami, Messi scored a total of 11 goals and provided 5 assists. astronomical sums It’s difficult to achieve for almost any player on the planet. Messi is both a leader and a role model, The numbers are starting to surpass levels never seen before in a booming soccer sport like U.S. Soccer.

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