Messi effect: Argentina – Brazil left $ 400 million in one day to San Juan

Although within the Bicentennial Stadium they only entered 25,000 people, with a capacity of 100% of the public in the framework of the aftereffects of the pandemic of coronavirus, outside the stadium and in key points of the province, tourists and sanjuaninos came together to encourage the selection of Lionel Messi. What happened to tourism in San Juan it exceeded the expectations of the provincial authorities. Although, they expected a large number of public for a month ago when the match of Argentina Brazil, the number of Argentines and foreigners who landed in the land of wine this last week was extraordinary.

To such an extent that the collection reached the $ 405,124,000, tourism concept in favor of the province, which had 100% full hotel capacity in Greater San Juan. There was tourists from Brazil, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, La Rioja, San Luis, Córdoba, Santa Fe, mostly. The rest of the country also said present in minority portions, but all disembarked between the Sunday of elections and Monday when the opening of the sale of face-to-face tickets was expected.

Not knowing if they could access the tickets, hotel occupancy collapsed a month earlier with reservations that tourists did immediately when they knew the key date of Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

The exodus that was seen on Sunday night was real. Thousands and thousands of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pilgrimsThey spent the night waiting for the advance of the 5 kilometers of Route 40, towards the ticket offices located in the heart of the Villicum, in Albardón.

Another fight that occurred almost simultaneously was over the internet. A few minutes after the sale by Self-Entry is enabled there were already more than 100,000 people in the queue. Those tickets comprise the lowest percentage in relation to the total capacity, because the priority was established for San Juan.

For this reason, the thousands of tourists who arrived before the start of the opening of the outlet to be creditors of the tickets in person. Online tickets were sold out after 40 minutes of open the sale. While, in the face-to-face lines, around 4 a.m. on Monday, the police informed more than 20,000 people that there were no tickets left at the Villicum.

Trip to San Juan, up to $ 60 thousand

To be part of this event, tour packages offered in advance from Buenos Aires ranged from $ 25,000 to $ 60,000 for two nights and three days in hotels of up to 3 stars. The hotels with the most stars exceeded 18,000 per night, not counting tickets. Tickets were $ 3,000 for popular tickets to $ 7,500 for stalls, while clandestine resales on networks and the web reached $ 30,000 in the case of a popular ticket. This also led to fake ticket scams.

Although not everyone was able to enter the Stadium, San Juan was full of tourists who produced an expense in favor of the province of Sergio Uñac. “Bringing this game did not cost San Juan a single peso,” said the Secretary of Sports, Jorge Girl, in the preview of the meeting.

But as it was planned that not all tourists could access the game, in Parque de Mayo, which is the main green lung of Greater San Juan, the Government planned to hold a Fan fest with the projection of the game on a giant screen. There they mounted a gastronomic event for visitors who wanted to eat and drink while they watched the Argentine team in San Juan.

The concentration was at the iconic Sports Monument and was attended by more than 10,000 people. From 18 to midnight, there were live shows, music and raffles, to share the preview of the classic of America.

Now, so that tourists do not leave because the long weekend is coming, the Ministry of Tourism of San Juan took the opportunity to organize sporting events in different departments, which will cause more money to enter the province. Hotel occupancy towards the weekend is 90%, according to the provincial authorities.

“We thought about the future,” said the Minister of Tourism of San Juan, Claudia Grynszpan, who accompanied Matias Lammens on his visit to the soil of San Juan. “San Juan comes with a sports and State policy regarding sports with a synergy that was the icing on the cake yesterday. Anywhere in the world they wanted to have an Argentina – Brazil, but having it in San Juan is a reward for so many years of coherence, so many years of working with conviction and understanding that sport has many positive aspects. Not only is it sport, but it also attracts a lot of tourism, ”Lammens remarked during a visit to the new work in Quebrada de Zonda, where there will be a recreational multi-space to promote tourism.

Regarding the sports policies that promote work and tourism, Lammens remarked that “since we took office two years ago we set ourselves that this would be the objective. San Juan understood it perfectly and was always a pioneer in that. Coming here frequently and regularly to see how progress is being made is an enormous joy ”, said the minister, adding:“ The money that the Nation puts in San Juan is not an expense, it is an investment and it shows. The more than 400 million that Argentina – Brazil left are very important for everyone ”.

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