‘Messi is the father of the nation’: Girl dedicates her mission to Lionel Messi

Striker Lionel Messi’s legacy in Argentinian history and the entire football world is considered one of the most important of all time. This was reflected in the legion of fans and sports fans who supported him every day after he won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and later signed with Major League Soccer (MLS) Inter Miami.

Now, a little Argentinian girl is going viral on the TikTok platform after her mother shared a video of her showing off one of the many tasks she was asked to complete in school; his task was to draw his country’s most popular An iconic symbol, he did not hesitate to print Messi’s jersey on his notebook.

In the picture, you can see how the girl explains how she decided to put Macy’s shirt in the assignment when her mother asked. Because he decided to place it between very important patriotic symbols, such as the Argentine flag and the national anthem, he painted it on both sides of the “10” jersey.

“I had to draw what Argentina’s national symbol means to me and I drew Messi because Messi is the father of this country”the girl said with a smile on her face, filled with love and admiration for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup winner, while her mother laughed at the little girl’s plight.

This move shows how much love Argentinian fans have for the work the star has done throughout his career, so much so that he is considered the best footballer of all time by various magazines and historical players, who cited his recent World Cup title The record is that he lost the trophy he was able to dedicate himself to with this nickname.

The Argentinian has shown impressive scoring prowess since joining Inter Miami and even won the League Cup in his first game with the club. It also propelled Florida up the ladder in the America’s East Conference, getting out of the bottom of the standings and fighting for the playoffs.

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