Messi relaxes to the rhythm of paul London | LOS40 Urban


From that Paulo Londra came into our lives at the pace of When You Kissed Her next to Becky G, his music has been a part of our day-to-day. Although many others have already discovered it with his rhymes impromptu, in The Fifth Step.

The issue is that once you decide to give it a chance and listen to their talents, there is no turning back. And is that even Lionel Messi has been proven in the first person. He also is obsessed with his discography!

The footballer of success you have chosen your songs as the soundtrack of this quarantine. At least that is what has been shown to his wife Antonella Roccuzzo in his account of Instagram, where we can see the argentine relaxing while reading and listening Forever Alonea hit in London. If to this we add the hypnotic light of the sun on your shoulders, you can become the perfect plan for relieving stress during confinement.

While we’re sure that Messi does not understand the stress these days, as the football scene has not yet booted normally. Yes, we can already see some of these athletes to attend their entrentamientos individually.

Be that as it may, Messi and paul London have something in common, and neither is his passion for the music and the football nor their nationality. Both are the leaders of each of their professions and inspired each other in their day-to-day. In addition, they have become two reasons of pride for many of his compatriots.

What is still unknown is the reaction of the singer to the gesture of the player, although we do not rule out that it is still in his state of shock. The last thing we heard from the ragman is Party with a Boogie Wit da Hoodie, but the news that it has positioned itself on the front pages of all media is to their future fatherhood. Do you think that he is prepared to receive the shocking news that an idol of football has shared his music?