Messi went to watch Thiago train with Mateo and Ciro and his gentle gesture made everyone crazy

surprise! Messi, along with Mateo and Ciro, watched Thiago train with the Inter Miami youth team and even participated in it.

surprise! Messi watched Thiago training with Inter Miami’s youth team alongside Mateo and Ciro and even went into “DT mode” (Photo: Twitter @M30Xtra)

After fulfilling the promise to him argentina national team There are six points under the armpit, Lionel Messi returns to Miami Reunion with family.Although Inter Miami will play as a visiting team against Atlanta United this Saturday, his name does not appear in Gerardo “Tata” Martino’s squad, but this does not prevent him from being selected Back on the court, but in a completely different role. In the morning, Leo went with Mateo and Ciro to watch the training of his eldest son Thiago. Thiago made his debut for the club’s under-12 national team. His touching move made more than one person smile.

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captain argentina national teamHe is very busy these days. He once again donned the Celeste White jersey at the Estadio Monument before traveling to Bolivia with his teammates and celebrating a 3-0 victory on the bench. He later returned to the United States to reunite with his family.Even though it wasn’t his turn to don a Las Garzas jersey this Saturday, he was still in attendance Florida Blue Training Center But not for training, but to witness his eldest son in practice, he has put on the boots and even Provided some technical guidance During youth training.

Leo Messi is

Leo Messi is in “DT mode” during Thiago’s training with the Inter Miami CF Academy Under-12 team (Photo: Twitter @M30Xtra)

In the past few hours, photos and videos of Leo began circulating on the X social network, witnessing Thiago’s morning exercises with his two youngest children.with a look Wearing denim shorts and a T-shirt, relaxed and comfortable, On the 10th he brought all his companion equipment and spent the day relaxing with his family.. However, he was more experienced and he even stopped to give some instructions on the playing field, without releasing the first mate of course, like the good Argentinian that he is.

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But the truth is, Messi is exciting on and off the pitch and has never lost his humility. In one of the videos that has gone viral, you can see a group of young footballers walking past him, fully aware of him, as he sits on the grass with Mateo and Ciro, leaning against a wall. The presence. He nodded to them, raising his hands until one of them was a little closer than the others..

A youth football player came up to him and shook his hand, which he smiled and shook. The gesture didn’t go unnoticed because, despite his relaxation, he didn’t hesitate to return the greeting to the fans as if he was just another dad attending training during a day off and enjoying time with his children. The best football player in the world.

Thiago Messi makes his debut for Inter Miami's Under-12 side

Thiago Messi makes his debut for Inter Miami Academy Under-12s – Picture: @Inter Miami Academy

This week’s eldest son Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo Although he was only 10 years old, he made his debut in the under-12 group. His team won a friendly match against Weston Football Club. However, in the videos of the goals and respective celebrations uploaded to the Inter Miami CF Academy Instagram account, something caught people’s attention: Thiago has a white plaster on his left arm. Although the photo attracted attention, the injury was apparently not serious as the young footballer was still able to play and celebrate with his teammates.

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