Messi’s bodyguard leaves everyone speechless by speaking in Spanish: “The most famous”

Messi's bodyguard surprises everyone by speaking Spanish

Lionel Messi’s bodyguard surprised everyone by speaking in Spanish – Picture: @ElCiudadano

In a video recently circulated through social networks you can see Yassine Cheuko’s bodyguard Lionel Messi, in an aspect unknown to the public. With an Argentinian who asked for a photo, American smiling and relaxing.Furthermore, until He was encouraged to say a word in Spanish.

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since he arrived inter miami, Leo He revolutionized the club and the city. In every one of his games and public appearances, he drives fans crazy and generates a lot of interest in everyone who shares the space with him.

In this sense, within the comfort zone David Beckham Got him former paris saint germain football player, one of which is safety. To do this, he hired a team of 50 people dedicated to ensuring Rosario’s integrity and minimizing risk.

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under such circumstances, Yassin Choko He accidentally became very famous. former navy seal team memberThe main special operations force of the U.S. Navy has gone viral on the Internet more than once His intervention was to look after Messi. In fact, there was a big reaction when he entered the field of play and shooed away a fan who was approaching a player.

In this way, a lot is learned about his work, which is why the character is built around him. bodyguard. Because of this, the recordings released in recent hours are quite surprising.Share on X account (formerly Twitter) @M30Xtrayou can see that moment A man joked with Cheuko after asking him for a photo.

While the Americans smiled next to him, the Argentines started talking about him. “He takes care of the best people in the world, Leo, and he takes care of me too“He said with a smile. Then, he looked at the bodyguard and joked: “Argentina is most famous for you“.

Very responsive and very clear in Spanish, Chuco His response attracted the attention of many people on social networks. “I’m not the most famous”, he said amid laughter, eliciting laughter not only from his interlocutor, but also from the person who recorded the video.

Messi's bodyguard Yassine Cheuko looks good in video

Messi’s bodyguard Yassine Cheuko looks good in video – Photo credit: @Captura

Once these images were published, they quickly had a huge impact.On Elon Musk’s platform alone, the video has more than 59,000 views and generated hundreds of comments like and comments. over there, Many users were surprised by the humility and good vibes shown by North Americans Not only to take photos, but also to smile and answer Argentinian jokes.

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So far, aside from his actual work, he’s only known for his training moments, which he shares on his personal account. Through her Instagram profile, she usually showcases her strict daily life. Just a few days ago, a video he uploaded on the platform went viral, in which he can be seen vigorously hitting a boxing bag with his hands and feet. That time, the speed and agility with which he struck each hit turned heads.

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