Meta seeks employees in Argentina: how to apply now

At the end of October, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the change of name of his company, which from now on will be called Goal.

This new name reflects a new chapter of the company that from now on is focused on the development of the metaverse, “a 3D virtual space where you can share immersive experiences with other people -even when it is not possible to be together physically-, and carry out activities together that would not be possible in the real world”, explains Zuckerberg.

To launch the new vertical in record time, Meta wants to hire employees and opened four vacancies in Argentina.

Meta seeks employees in Argentina: how to apply

In Argentina, Meta is in search of a account Manager; event marketing leader for Latin America; regional program manager; and solutions manager.

Facebook vacancies.

For example, account managers at Meta are in charge of connecting all small and medium-sized companies in the world with their clients through the social network.

In their day to day, they must help these companies to grow through Meta pages (formerly the Facebook company), advertising and offers on the network.

According to Glassdoor, an account manager on Facebook makes about $ 200,000.

Source: Glassdoor.

To apply, you must enter the official Meta site at this link and select a vacancy. Step followed, click on “Apply to Job” which in Spanish means to apply to work.

What does Meta do?

The company is also working on new technologies related to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality since Zuckerberg considers that both are “in an inflection point”.

“We are a social technology company. Our new brand identity captures where our company is going and the future we want to help build”, defined the founder of Meta in a timely manner.

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