Methods of legalization: “Gambling and social engagement”, meetings are back in Casalegrande

The meetings are back to spread a culture of legitimacy and respect for the rules. On Friday 23 June at 20.30 in the Gino Strada exhibition hall, the meeting “Gambling and social cohesion” will be held, dedicated to the topic of gambling addiction and the negative impact this problem has on the field and the social fabric.

To further explore this topic, we invited Filippo Torrigiani, a nationally recognized expert on the subject, advisor to CNCA, the National Coordination of Welcome Communities, and the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission. We’ll talk about how pathological gambling has evolved over time, how it has taken root in society, and what its effects are. In addition, proposals will be featured to improve the transparency of data on the event and reform of gambling management regulations.

It should be remembered that in recent years the municipal administration of Castelgrande has given a high level of attention to the issue of gambling addiction. Already in the Union Council of 8 June 2021, Casalegrande brought up an idea on the issue of gambling in Italy. According to various international studies, gambling creates addictions that affect: a) the well-being of families, which is threatened by the dispersion of economic resources due to gambling; b) on the protection of areas threatened by infiltration of organized crime into legal gaming. This is why it is important to talk about this topic and create awareness about the dangers of gambling addiction.

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