Metro: in Desio, a construction site is underway between Via Dias and Via Gabellini.

On the affected section of Via Milano, the roadway will be narrowed and a parking ban will be introduced. 38 months of intervention were supposed to work.

Metro-tram Milan-Desio-Seregno, in Desio a construction site is underway between Via Dias and Via Gabellini. Work will start on section DE9, belonging to section 66 of Via Milano, with the exception of Via Dias to Via Gabellini (from km 14+091 to km 14+549).

Metro tram: start of new construction is scheduled for 405 days

By project this phase of light rail construction will be concentrated between the junction with Via Dias and Via Gabellini/Per Cesano.. On the section of the road involved in the construction, in Via Milano, lane narrowing and a parking ban will be set with forced removal along two lanes of traffic with alternate closures depending on the various stages of construction. The work will last 405 days, starting today, Tuesday, August 8, until the end of work and subsequent work to restore the road.

There are 7 stops in Desio.

Estimated 38 months of intervention to complete the work divided into microsteps which will be activated from time to time on the entire route. In Desio they are provided 7 stops, 24 construction sites (of which 8 are related to the decommissioning of the existing line), units. deposit on the border with Seregno, co-financing municipal works worth about 3,700,000 investments (equivalent to 1.5%). These are the numbers that Wish will contribute to the creation of the Milano-Desio-Seregno light rail system operated by Milano Città Metropolitana. Upon completion, the territory will have a mobility project that will affect some of the main arteries of the city: via Milan, via Mazzini AND European course. This will also old line discontinued V via Garibaldi and Corso Italia. March 15th lots have been leased. The launch of the first construction sites was expected from mid-April 2023, but the work was delayed. There was no shortage of fears and protests.

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