Mexicalenses without understanding gravity of the Covid-19: Isesalud


The amount of spread from Covid-19 in Mexicali during the last 15 days is very similar to what happened in the same timeframe in Wuhan, China town, considered the epicenter of the virus has already been spread all over the world.

Up to the time in Baja California 58 people have been confirmed with the infection, and 32 of those patients are in the capital, where the trend of cases and even deaths keeps rising.

To the secretary of Health, Alonso, Óscar Pérez Rico, it is clear that the mexicalenses have not understood the importance of staying inside the house, they keep circulating and concentrating in public places despite the fact that the social distancing is the main recommendation to avoid the contagion.

“In Mexicali, what we see is a curve epidemic identical to that of Wuhan, China, obviously, is proportional to the population, but it calls powerfully the attention that curves upward, they are practically identical”.

The Secretary of Health in the State, stated that in other municipalities such as Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito if there is less mobility and that same urge that it is done in Mexicali.

“What we need to do is decrease the mobility and interaction between the mexicalenses, here is where more active is the virus and what we will not do right now what we’re going to pay in 15 days,” said Perez Rico.

In Mexicali two of the men have already lost their lives because of the Covid-19, and between the patients that are hospitalized, there is a woman with 7 months of pregnancy.

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