Mexican perfectly imitates Ronaldo’s voice, blasting TikTok Grupo Milenio

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t stop monopolizing any corner of the internet world, as has happened in recent weeks, A Mexican content creator goes viral for perfectly imitating his own voice.

The Portuguese footballer has been in the news across Mexico in recent days as the news that he was part of the September textbook went viral and now TikTok is exploding for the way it “gives” motivational messages.

These videos, made by young Mexicans, have crossed borders, Well, they have arrived in Italy from Serie A, Juventus itselfAn audio imitation of the Portuguese’s voice was shared, along with photos of him when he was a member of the Italian club.

“Hey, they told me that you are still lying down, you haven’t gotten up, you haven’t washed your face, you haven’t dressed yourself up yet. Remember, you have to enjoy life, you have to enjoy life.” Go out and let them see. Look at our faces, why not? “We are created. I wish you a great day, a great time and everything will be great. Remember to be handsome, but not more handsome than a bug. ” said the imitator in the same perfect tone as CR7.

Who is the Mexican who perfectly imitated Ronaldo’s voice?

The video, with a voice almost identical to that of Cristiano Ronaldo, quickly went viral and became a viral hit on TikTok because Thousands of users use their audio to create works for social networks.

These audios were produced by a person identified as Chris RG is very motivating and coupled with the Portuguese footballer’s style has created a buzz among users.

The young man uploaded more than 15 videos on TikTok in front of the microphone and imitates Bug’s voice to provide motivational messages to those who like to listen to it,

The latest material he shared was in response to a request from a user who has a friend in the hospital asking him Audio of Chris with a message for him.

The young man has more than 170,000 followers on TikTok Many of them asked him to deliver a speech using Ronaldo’s voice, and his responses grew in popularity.

Apart from, His videos have thousands of likes and some even reach millions of views. The most popular one, in which he sent a greeting, has been viewed nearly three million times.


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