Mexico could enter in 15 days to the dreaded phase 3 of the epidemic of coronavirus, warned Lopez-Gatell


The sanitary authorities of Mexico ahead of this Thursday phase 3 of the epidemic of coronavirus, where is the expected spread of local, accelerated, will start probably in the next two weeks.

This was announced by the deputy minister of Health, and the spokesperson of the mexican government since the start of the epidemic COVID-19, Hugo Lopez-Gatellin his press conference in the evening. “This will involve some adjustment in the control measures epidemiological”, stressed the official.

López-Gatell also detailed that “there is not an exact date” for the change of phasesbut estimates have been made since the sanitary contingency, shocked the country with the first case registered in the national territory at the end of February.

This Thursday, Lopez-Gatell presented the latest update of figures on the coronavirus in the country: up to now, are 3,441 patients confirmedaccording to figures from the Secretariat of Health (SSa). The number of fatalities increased to 194.

The health authorities pointed out that there are 10,105 suspected cases, 17,950 negativeand a total of 31,496 people studied. However, Lopez-Gatell filed this Wednesday in an estimate of total cases: would be 26,519 across the country, that is to say, eight times more than the confirmed cases.

The calculation is performed through the call sentinel surveillance that is also used during the crisis of H1N1 influenza. On the sentinel surveillance, the under-secretary said that “it is a scientifically proven method of monitoring efficient. The system has been perfected to recognize how it behaves the epidemic of coronavirus in the country” in addition to comparing it with a survey.

Earlier, during the conference the morning of the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorthe chancellor Marcelo Ebrard reported that the federal government was already preparing together with the governors of the 32 federal entities of the country to the changing phases of the epidemic of coronavirus.

“We are already entering the most important phase of this emergency, that’s why we must be very well communicated and try to help each other out. It is an essential dialogue, not a political struggle,” said Ebrard.

In addition, he explained that, in the dialogues that have been held with the governors of the different entities, they were able to cohere a system of common response. “We are integrating it all to have the information to day, to react in the best way and foresee what will come the next days“added the Chancellor.

However, phase 3 will have as main feature the spread accelerated in these cases, localwhich , if the measures of prevention and mitigation are not followed by the citizens, podrían cause the collapse of the health system, as has happened in european countries and some parts of the united States.

Despite this, and the lack of medical personnel across the country, a backlog warned for several years by different international agencies, Lopez-Gatell said that the health system has full capabilities to cope with the pandemic in personnel, inputs and infrastructure.

“We’ve done censuses complete infrastructure of staff, of supplies, of equipment, that allow us to identify already several weeks ago that we have a sufficient capacity to serve the amount of people that we hope will be during the epidemic, in particular during the phase 3 where we will have a quick transmission and a very large number of cases”, argued in his time.

The mexican government expects to phase 3 “more and more and more and more cases, and also cases of severe, and also sobreocupación of hospitals” according to Lopez-Gatell. “This is the time to stay in our house and decrease the transmission, because the situation is going to be even more intense, even after the April 30”, completed, but without specifying the measures of the next stage of the epidemic COVID-19.

The official explained earlier this week that each one of the states of the Republic will keep the flexibility up to now shown to decide on actions and to act against the pandemic coronavirus. “Is required for two reasons: all the governments are free and sovereign, and are also identified as health authorities in the General Law of Health, which have a specific responsibility,” said the susbsecretario.

But this flexibility, he emphasized, it is also a policy that is valid because the epidemic does not behave with the same speed and intensity in all the entities federal states alike.

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