Mexico could register 42 thousand cases of severe Covid-19: IMSS – Policy


Mexico city, Mexico. According to the calculations that have been done by epidemiologists, “with an attack rate of 0.5 per cent, at some point they will be sick (of Covid-19) 306 thousand persons, of which 214 thousand are going to need attention, but not all of them are going to be hospitalized, as the vast majority will be outpatient (ill at home). About 42 thousand will be severe cases; of them 30 thousand will need hospital care and 12 thousand intensive care”.

As well unveiled Zoé Robledo, director general of the IMSS, to present these projections to the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, in the supervision of hospital infrastructure IMSS-Insabi, in Coyoacan, where he also acknowledged that according to these calculations missing 3 thousand 335 fans volumetric and 3 thousand 445 monitors of vital signs, in whose quest is attached to the health sector in a permanent way.

In accordance with the information presented, the peak of infected could be given between the last week of April and first two of may.

The owner of the IMSS recalled that the Institute attends to 48 per cent of the country’s population (61 million 327 thousand 833 mexican).

He indicated that basically the entire medical infrastructure of the Social Insurance shall provide for the care of sick of coronavirus: 25 units of high specialty, 316 secondary level hospitals, 5 thousand 143 of the first level, 5 thousand 484 medical units, thousand 782 ordinary, with 236 hospitals, and 3 thousand 702 units IMSS well-being with its 80 rural hospitals. All, with a work force of 430 thousand 605.

To submit the plan of preparation in front of the Covid-19, Robledo pointed out that are being organized by stages and recognized that the missing equipment and beds, but that “Today we already have completely the phase one of current infrastructure, with 81 hospitals that have, as of Coyoacán, all part of Covid, or a part simultaneous to regulated service”, with 379 beds ready for patients who “are going to need to mechanical ventilation; 3 thousand 600 beds ready for hospitalization, to patient less serious” ; and 853 medical specialists and a thousand 603 nurses special.

In phase two of restructuring the hospital setting, which we’re already starting, we are going to grow up to 120 hospitals. This increases to 2 thousand 20 intensive care units and up to 8 thousand 59 the inpatient beds. Involves the growth of the workforce, up to 5 thousand 458 medical and 10 mi 237 nurses”.

For phase three, “where is extends the installed capacity, with six hospitals, conversion to 100 percent Covid, grows up to 361 spaces of intensive care”. The Hospital Villacoapa, for example, in your opening you will have 63 spaces ready, until you get to 90, and “continue to grow in measure as we go presenting the situation, since then with a greater number of specialists and nurses”.

He said that in the country there is a conversion in 120 hospitals and six of them are new, with 361 beds.

In total, he held that the IMSS has 14 thousand 458 beds, to cope with lab cpersonal and training process , but it is missing a thousand 406; account with 2 thousand 96 fans bulk and 2 thousand 905 monitors vital signs.

He stressed the commitment to have all of the equipment. “There is certainly a situation in the international market that has become complicated, but we have to do it. We already began to distribute many instruments that we have, doing reviews of equipment you will need, because it gives a team that put in risk, for at the time that the curve will continue to grow, we will be ready”.

Claudia Sheinbaum reported that Mexico City can you can get to having 400 units of intensive care “to be able to coordinate with the government of Mexico and cater to the population in the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico.”

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