Mexico declares a public health emergency, and to harden measures against the COVID-19


Over the last few days, both president Andrés Manuel López Obrador as various federal officials have urged the population to make the case to the social distancing and only leave the house to indispensable activities, in order to avoid becoming infected.

By the afternoon, the under-secretary Lopez-Gatell reiterated that, if Mexico does not act now, the number of hiv infections will trigger and this will limit the health care system.

Also in the afternoon, the General Health Council met at the National Palace to discuss what steps to take in phase 2 and in the imminent phase 3.

The chancellor Ebrard acknowledged that Mexico will have a month “hard” by the economic impact of the sanitary contingency, but said that, if you do not take these measures now, the virus will last longer and their effect on the economy will be in the country for at least a year.

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