Mexico declares itself H5N1 bird flu-free zone

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Mexico City – The country’s authorities have declared the country free of the H5N1 avian influenza subtype. The news comes after nearly a year of efforts to eradicate the disease, which threatens birds in high-risk areas. The official agreement was published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday, October 4.

The decision will promote the marketing of live poultry originating in the country, as well as its products and by-products, the document said.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), commonly known as bird flu, has killed flocks of poultry in the United States and Europe since last year. In South America, Brazil enacted a 180-day animal health emergency in May after detecting several cases, and Ecuador confirmed the presence of the virus in some birds in the Galapagos Islands in September.

In October 2022, the Department of Agriculture (Sader) reported that the virus had been detected in a commercial farm with 60,000 birds in the state of Nuevo Leon, which borders the United States, just days after the first cases of the severe strain were reported. Report to the World Organization for Animal Health (WHO).

To ensure that Mexico is free of animal diseases, epidemiological surveillance, prevention, diagnosis, traceability and mobilization, transport, marketing and import of poultry and its products and by-products will continue to be controlled. protocol. (Herald)


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