Mexico decreed the phase 3 of the coronavirus: “We are ready to face the worst,” Lopez Obrador


The deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that Mexico officially entered phase 3 in the health emergency arising from the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19.

“In summary, today we want to give by started phase 3 of the epidemic of Covid-19, we are in a phase of ascent in which there will be an increase of infections and hospitalized”, pointed out moments ago the under-secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell

The Secretariat of Health released this Monday, which add up to 8 thousand 772 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexicowhile there are 712 deaths by the disease.

López-Gatell Ramírez assured that were filed with the General Health Council the proposals of the group of experts, which was to increase Day Healthy Distance until the 30 of may and in the municipalities of low transmission may be until the 17th of may, which were adopted unanimously.

However, the official he warned that there will be a limitation in advance of the measures of a Healthy Distance in some regions, only if they control the transmission, said Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

The assistant secretary for Health inisitió in companies of non-essential activities should suspend work to avoid contamination of Covid-19, “above all in the Phase 3”.

What provides for the Phase 3?

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, took the opportunity to give a message about the country’s situation before the global crisis that is predicted by the fall in the price of oil.

“With the fall in the oil price there is a worsening of the global economic crisis that since then we is going to affect, however, I want to give the warranty the security that we will be able to mexicans deal with this crisis, in that I base my optimism: the strength of our country, in the strength of our people, this is the fundamental, i.e. also as a plug-in that we have financial resources, materials, sufficient, that we have to lay hand on the face of the crisis, because in the time we have been we were able to save resources by not allowing the corruption and for carrying out, by making a government austere, no frills , no extravagance, we have sufficient reserves and we’re going to adjust our spending in the government, without laying off workers, no worker in the service dthe State is going to lose his job , but if we are to further reduce the cost of government to society, and this will allow us to recover more funds, the money is not going to remain in the government, but will continue moving to the village, the formula is efficiency, honesty, austerity, and justice”said the mexican head of state.

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