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Behind are left the cards that protected the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as he himself said. Also the appeals of the representative “not to exaggerate” the pandemic. The situation has taken a drastic turn this week, especially in the last few hours. “It is necessary to reduce the speed of transmission of this virus. Urgent”, he assured this Saturday night the deputy minister of Health of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, who has urged the entire population, “bulk”, to stay home for a month.

“We’re in the last chance to stop the pandemic. Not avoid it, that is impossible. But it does delay the transmission,” he insisted López-Gatell, which has hardened its speech with the passage of days. If on Tuesday it was announced that Mexico fell in the phase 2 of the pandemic; the Wednesday alerted that the people were not staying at home. His hardest words arrive a few hours after Lopez Obrador, finally, urgiese to the population to stay at home. Through a video, the president of mexico changed drastically its approach, because until Friday I had never been so emphatic with the need to stop the transmission of the virus.

In the last four days, Mexico has grown from accounting for 485 cases to 848 this Saturday. The deaths recorded up to now are 16. According to the curve which has been shown by the assistant secretary, in comparing the situation of other european countries a few weeks ago, Mexico is to the limit to achieve phase 3: “What we see in the data is comparable to that of other countries a long time ago and we don’t want to reach that situation, because if so it will be uncontainable. Unstoppable”, has insisted Lopez-Gatell. The speed of transmission has come to Mexico. What they feared, could not stop the curve, it has already happened. “We’ve gone beyond today to that point. We need to act now”, has declared the deputy minister.

Despite the starkness of the message, the Government still avoids taking drastic measures of isolation for the population —is particularly concerned about the figures that bear the City of Mexico— and also to force companies to adopt them, hence the message of the last few hours made special emphasis on that companies allow their workers to work from home. “It is particularly necessary that the private sector and the social sector will join with greater strength, clarity and determination to this effort.”

The discourse of López-Gatell was preceded by a similar message, less resounding, the president, who already had nothing to do with pronouncements earlier. Lopez Obrador asked, in the midst of a tour through the north of the country, that the mexicans stay at home. Prioritizing the economy versus the health already is not an option in Mexico, according to what we have reported this Saturday the authorities. “The Government has already suspended all his activities, reserving only the indispensable for life in society, as are the supply of food, water, energy supply or cleaning services. For others, no one should be confused over estimating the need of its activity”, stated López-Gatell, before insisting that the strike must be massive.

The mexican authorities have first been pessimistic since the crisis began. “The phase 3, the most difficult, is coming up,” noted the deputy minister during the press conference. “And there we had the with the danger that it will overwhelm the hospitals. The saturation with serious cases would involve the risk of not being able to attend to all the patients and we would have deaths that could be avoidable if we make an effort everyone,” he added.

The estimates for Mexico are similar to the ones expected for Europe, with Italy confined. “What is known is that the majority of people are going to be infected. Of them, 8 of every 10 will be mild; one-to-two, will be hospitalized, and less than 5% to 6% will need care medicine critical,” explained Lopez-Gatell. The under-secretary said this week in an interview with this newspaper that the forecasts that barajaban in a peak of four weeks was 1000 hospitalizations per day.

The position of the Executive mexican seems to be the same as that of the presidents of the european shortly before the overflowing of the cases in Spain, France or Germany. But with three weeks of delay to Latin America. “Will continue to increase the cases, there will be serious and there will be deaths. What we can do is to be delayed, and when we get to phase 3, the hospitals have enough beds. It is clear the importance of remaining at home. In all sectors, private, public, and social. All and all at the same time,” he insisted.

The public health system mexican is facing the crisis with a limited capacity to assist. The rate of beds per 1,000 inhabitants is 1.5, lower than that of other countries that are currently overwhelmed by the crisis. Spain (3), Italy (3.4) and China (4,2), according to the latest OECD study of the end of last year. The health budget is only around 5% of GDP, also not far from the 9% who spend an average of OECD members. In addition, the rate of mortality in hospitals (per 100 income) is the highest of the OECD countries by much: 27.5. He continues to Hungary with a rate of 15. In Spain (6,5), Italy (5.4), France (5,6), Germany (8.5 in) or Korea (9,6).

This Saturday, it has been known, also, that the governor of the State of Hidalgo has tested positive for coronavirus. Omar Fayyad met with president López Obrador on the 18th of march. However, the Government has rejected that he is going to do the test to the mexican head of state. In this regard, asked by a journalist about whether it would be appropriate for López Obrador to undertake a proof-of-Covid-19, since that also takes weeks of touring in Mexico avoiding the measures of protection until recently, López-Gatell has responded: “The probability that a person during the incubation period to be contagious is very low, and do a test to an asymptomatic, has a very low performance”. However, scientists all over the world and leaders of european countries have warned about the risks still higher contagion precisely from those who do not have symptoms, which has multiplied the cases in the world.

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