Mexico reaches 14 thousand 677 confirmed cases of coronavirus


In the evening lecture daily, José Luis Alomía, Director General of Epidemiology, reported that by day 26 of April and evolves, the health emergency of the COVID-19.

Recorded 14 thousand 677 confirmed cases, of which 4,972 are confirmed cases assets, as well as 7 thousand 612 suspected cases, and a thousand 351 deaths.

In the curve of confirmed cases per day, the doctor Alomia explained that “the court yesterday, the court today are 835 new cases”; a little less of cases that were confirmed in the last 24 hours, in fact it represents an increase to yesterday’s 6%”.

“We can see it reflected in the last bar of orange color that represents precisely the report today, where we see how in the last days 3 days there has been a downward trend”.

However, the doctor Alomia explained, “let us remember that we are in weekend, that time can affect the load or the level of demand for health care; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, which is the beginning of the week, we will be able to see or to see how these trends continue to be really performing and provide follow-up to this part of the pandemic”.

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