Mexico steps up biosecurity measures to control bird flu

in order to maintain Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian InfluenzaRelevant departments of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, the Morelos State Poultry Farmers Association, and the Mexican-American Animal Foot-and-Mouth Disease Prevention Committee held an information tracking meeting on health actions.

Omar Taboada NasserThe head of the Agricultural Development Office emphasized that bird flu is a disease involving bird flu. risk to poultrySo things like vaccinations in cities can prevent these pathogens from getting into the entity.

accompanied by Hugo Galicia Becerrillpoultry farmers associations and Omar Zepeda QuinteroAlong with the immunizations, measures have been taken to strengthen the operation of verification and checkpoints, as well as biosecurity in backyards, said FMD Prevention Committee officials.

In this sense, Levi Clara Portugal LunaDirector of Agriculture Development Livestock and Aquaculture Development Agency said state agency personnel in coordination with the FMD Prevention Committee had stepped up fieldwork, training and technical assistance; likewise, active epidemiological surveillance was being carried out at different locations to maintain biosecurity of the entity .

Likewise, the meeting agreed to maintain surveillance operations at production units, aggressive vaccinations, serological sampling and implementation of good husbandry practices when procuring poultry products and by-products.

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