Mexico vs COVID-19: the government makes a call for a staff physician to join brigades against the coronavirus


This Saturday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a call to the doctors country to join the fight against the coronavirus. Now, the Secretariat of Health (SSa) detailed on the terms and conditions of this recruitment.

In a press conference, Alejandro Svarch Perez, director of International Relations of the SSa, pointed out that this Saturday started the day of recruitment “Mexico against the COVID-19”. This with the reason that they join together to cater to serious patients due to the lack of staff.

The secretary of Health, Jorge Carlos Alcocer Varela, insisted on the so-called medical staff to join the call of the government and serve the population. “The call is to our health workers, who are in the trenches against this enemy,” he said.

In turn, Zoé Robledo, director general of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), he gave the details of this recruitment. Said that doctors who join will have these features, as well as your family:

– Social security, christmas bonus, holiday bonus

– Support for recreational activities

– Insurance of social responsibility

– Relief fund for death

The official mentioned that the duration of this contract is for six months. In addition, he noted that it is intended that the persons recruited to have in advance of your first payment of your salary and a per diem who does not yet have the amount defined.

He explained that each doctor will have a training sector. Clarified that the courses will be taught by the best physicians of the different institutions of the countryas the IMSS, INSABI, and ISSSTE.

Robledo added that those who are going to present the national exam of applicants to medical residencies 2020 will have an incentive. Those who participate in these six months the pandemic will two additional points in “the most difficult exam in our country.”

“We know that the effort that you are going to do and the elements of risk that they are going to have should have a response on the part of the government,” said the director general of the IMSS. “It is an effort of great help to cover a deficit of doctors and specialists that there were many years in our country,” he said.

Alejandro Svarch Pérez stressed that today starts the day of recruitment and the April 6 start contracting. In addition, he explained that expect the 7 and 9 of this month to achieve and solve the 20% or 25% of the deficit of the medical staff, the 14 to the 17 of the month is 70 to 75% of the workers and from 18 to 29 is 90 to 100% of the total hires.

Indicated that are looking to hire 6,600 physicians, between specialists and general, as well as 12,300 nurses specialized and general.

Also, the SSa reported that in Mexico the number of cases of people infected by COVID-19 increased to 1,890 patients confirmed, while the number of fatalities grew to 79.

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