Mexico will enter Phase 3 by the COVID-19 in “two or three weeks,” estimated Health


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The court of the progress of the coronavirus is given after the message of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador in which he announced measures to try to help the mexican economy to emerge from recession it will face due, primarily, to the pandemic.

Do not raise the public debt, austerity government, and the use of the resources of the Stabilization Fund, the Revenue Budget (FEIP) and the trusts are some of the announced Sunday afternoon by the president.

The contractor announced no fiscal stimulus for the economic sectors and only mentioned that next week they will release a plan for the energy sector by 339,000 million pesos (mdp).

A day before, López Obrador called for doctors and nurses to join to work with the government of Mexico to attend to patients who are to suffer the disease from coronavirus (COVID-19), for what that offers them a month of advance payment, as well as per diem.

During his conference morning, the representative, federal acknowledged that there is a deficit of medical staff specialist. For example, you have only 1,000 specialists in intensive therapy, when it is estimated by the epidemic of the coronavirus will require 10,000.

For this reason, and before the rise in the number of infections by COVID-19, the contractor federal announced that it would reinforce the emerging plan that is being spearheaded by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Institute of Health Welfare (Insabi) calling for doctors and nurses to join to attend to patients who test positive for coronavirus and require medical attention.

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