Mexico will have four clinical trials to treat COVID-19: López-Gatell


Hugo Lopez-Gatell, undersecretary of Health, said Tuesday that there are four clinical trials in the country to treat patients with COVID-19.

According to the official, some of these will begin the following week.

The treatments are the following:

-Use of Remdesivir : This medication is an antiviral that, according to preliminary research, it seems promising, said Lopez-Gatell.

-Controlled trial on Tocilizumab : a monoclonal antibody, a protein that “blocks one of the mechanisms that produce inflammation of tissues, in particular of the lung, although it is of general action. And given that the inflammatory effect that causes the coronavirus on the lungs is the main cause of acute lung injury severe, it is considered that it could be promising, ” he said.

-The third test is with Hydroxychloroquine: used against malaria, and malaria. “It is also used for immune modulation in rheumatic diseases and there is preliminary evidence of its possible potential”, noted the deputy minister.

-Chloroquine: this drug is used in combination with an antibiotic, antibacterial, azithromycin .

“I want to highlight three things. The first is that, although we see international news that push the immediate use of products of this type, we must be clear that this does not work the safety in the use of innovative medicines existing or for new indications. In all cases, you must ensure that you are not going to be harmful to human persons, that is why there are international standards that Mexico of course remains to biosecurity, the protection of human beings, the quality of the research and the ethics“, commented López-Gatell.

Of these four clinical trials, the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) has already authorized three and is in the process of the last permission, the official added, and commented that these trials are done in collaboration with the institutes of health of the united States

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